Laura Ingraham misses show due to redirected flight: ‘Friendly skies of United Airlines not so friendly’

Post-Memorial Day travel problems derailed Fox News host Laura Ingraham’s live show on Tuesday.

A re-directed flight left “The Ingraham Angle” with a fill-in host as its namesake found herself experiencing a seven-and-a-half-hour delay that caused her to miss the 7 p.m. show.

As parts of Texas experienced severe weather over the last few days, the busy holiday weekend made traveling even more of a challenge. One hour before her show would air, Ingraham took to social media to provide an “update” on how her flight had been redirected to Austin, about 160 miles from Houston where she was supposed to have hosted.

“Update: We have been on @united flight from DC to Houston for 7.5 hours now. Diverted to Austin,” Ingraham wrote. “Forced to miss the show on this huge news night. Tune in for @judgejeanine.”

United Airlines apologized for the delay in replying to Ingraham’s post.

Her Fox News colleague Jeanine Pirro stepped in from New York to fill in and spoke with Ingraham by phone later in the show as they discussed the day’s news surrounding former President Donald Trump’s hush money trial.

“I want to bring in Laura Ingraham, host of the Ingraham Angle. She joins me now on the phone,” said Pirro, who co-hosts “The Five” daily. “Hello, Laura. I hear you’re at an airport or on a plane somewhere.”

“Eight hours, friendly skies of United Airlines. It wasn’t so friendly today, but that’s alright. Everybody was nice and patient,” Ingraham replied.

(Video Credit: Fox News)

“I’m so sorry not to be on tonight, it was just literally no way I could get to a studio in time given what happened on the airline with the weather and mechanical problems, but I followed everything that was happening today and continues to happen in Manhattan,” she added.

A disaster declaration was issued by Dallas County officials Tuesday as more than 70 mph wind gusts were recorded in Dallas and Houston. One person was reportedly killed in a collapse at a construction site near Houston and thousands remain without power as more severe weather is predicted.

Ingraham weighed in on the latest in the Trump trial, blasting “the weaponization of the judicial system” in New York against him, especially against the backdrop of Tuesday’s PR spectacle.

Emphasizing that “this was political from the outset,” Ingraham called out actor Robert De Niro and other leftists who took part in the press conference outside the courthouse Tuesday.

“But they are so stupid they just confirmed it for everybody today and then it will be confirmed again when Joe Biden speaks after the verdict is in,” she noted.

“This is a complete travesty from beginning to end. And I thought I was mad about the flight delays but I’m really mad about this because the country doesn’t deserve this. The country deserves a real leader with a fair and equal justice system,” Ingraham said.

“No, the wheels of justice aren’t turning. The wheels of justice are running over the American people right now,” she added.

That’s what America is facing right now in a court of law in lower Manhattan where some of the greatest cases have been argued, some of the most incredibly talented prosecutors have argued cases — this is a total black mark on the entire lower Manhattan courthouse and the district attorney’s office in New York,” she concluded.

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