Lauren Boebert: Satanic Temple opening clinics that will ‘perform abortion as a Satanic ritual’

The Satanic Temple has launched a new initiative in post-Roe America and Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-Colo.) aimed to confront it head-on with a hard-hitting truth about what the left really means by “safe, legal, and rare.”

While progressives found themselves up in arms over “cultural insensitivities” like a New York middle school serving chicken and waffles on the first day of Black History Month, there was no outcry when The Satanic Temple announced their effort to expand access to the number one killer of blacks in America, abortion, on February 1.

Boebert had no such qualms renouncing the practice and the effort from the organization while calling out one of pro-abortion activists’ favorite slogans, tweeting Sunday, “The Satanic Temple is now opening abortion clinics that will perform abortion as a Satanic ritual. This is what the Left really meant by ‘safe, legal and rare’.”

As it happened, the religious group, that benefits from the same tax exemption as churches, announced Wednesday that it would be opening the first telehealth abortion clinic in New Mexico to facilitate writing the typically $90 prescription for abortifacients which they will happily mail to their customers in “discreet packages.”

Erin Helian, in her role as The Satanic Temple’s “religious reproductive rights director,” sent an email to the Washington Times explaining the clinic would be opening on Valentine’s Day and that they were farming talent from places like Planned Parenthood to facilitate the furtherance of their “sacred ritual.”

“I can assure you we are opening a real telehealth clinic in New Mexico. Opening date will be February 14th,” she wrote. “Many members of our well-trained medical staff come from other reproductive access clinics, such as Planned Parenthood. We will also have licensed RNs available 24/7 for our patients.”

“We will remain steadfast as we continue the fight to uphold reproductive justice in the United States,” Helian continued.

In case their objectives weren’t wholly clear, Malcolm Jarry, co-founder of The Satanic Temple, released a statement announcing the name of the facility and how it paid tribute to Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito.

The justice had written the majority opinion in 2022 for the case of Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization which saw the overturn of Roe v. Wade after 49 years and returned the right to the states to pass laws regulating abortion.

As such, the organization saw fit to name the new facility “The Samuel Alito’s Mom’s Satanic Abortion Clinic.”

Jarry said, “In 1950, Samuel Alito’s mother did not have options, and look what happened. Prior to 1973, doctors who performed abortions could lose their licenses and go to jail. The clinic’s name serves to remind people just how important it is to have the right to control one’s body and the potential ramifications of losing that right.”

Unlike states that have 15-week or outright bans on abortion, New Mexico has no limit and permits the termination of unborn children at any point during a pregnancy. So enamored is the Land of Enchantment with the practice, Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham (D) committed $10 million toward building an abortion clinic close to the border with Texas, where it has been all but entirely outlawed, and they even welcomed out of state clinics to relocate there, including the defendant in Dobbs the Jackson Women’s Health Organization previously of Mississippi.

As Helian put it, “This is just the beginning.”

Kevin Haggerty


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