Lawfare 2.0? Here comes next Trump ‘secret payoffs’ scandal

Another ginned-up scandal involving former president Donald J. Trump has bubbled up and could give new life to the left’s multi-pronged lawfare assault on the presumptive GOP nominee.

In a story that has yet to receive much exposure due to the media’s coverage of the unfolding Democrat putsch against President Joe Biden, a former staffer on Trump’s 2016 campaign alleges that the former president’s 2020 campaign “settled multiple suits” involving sexual harassment and gender discrimination.

In a court filing A.J. Delgado, the ex-staffer who alleges Trump advisor Jason Miller raped her, included text messages she claimed were between herself and another former staffer Jenna Ellis.

The New Republic first reported the texts and the story is slowly spreading through the left-wing media ecosphere.

“Jenna, bt us, do you know of anyone who complained of gender discrimination, pregnancy discrimination, or sexual harassment, in the 2020 campaign? Do you know if the 2020 campaign settled any lawsuits regarding such?” Delgado’s message reads.

“Yes. Off record—Boris. The campaign settled multiple suits,” the response that’s alleged to be from Ellis says. “Have your investigator subpoena Michael Glassner,” referring to the former president’s 2020 deputy campaign strategist.

It isn’t clear who the “Boris” is, but it may be former Trump 2020 adviser Boris Epshteyn, who Forbes reporter Zach Everson noted was “arrested in 2021 after groping complaints at club.”

Delgado has given sworn statements that the Trump 2016 campaign “repeatedly used middlemen to send hush money with the direct intention of obscuring discrimination settlements from the public and from the Federal Election Commission,” according to the New Republic.

“In other words, the payment would be routed through a middleman, to hide the fact that the Campaign had settled, from the public and the FEC,” she stated in a sworn court declaration. “I thus have direct, personal experience with the Defendant-Campaign hiding settlement payments to women, routing them through a ‘middleman law firm,’ which to the public would only appear as payments ‘for legal services.’”

Delgado is “proudly anti-Trump” according to her X bio.

Democrat efforts to prevent Trump from returning to the White House by weaponizing the legal system against him over the fake “insurrection” and bogus charges related to alleged “hush money” payoffs to porn queen Stormy Daniels have been stymied by the Supreme Court.

Last week, the nation’s highest court ruled that like all presidents, Trump enjoys “absolute immunity” which likely torpedoes both federal cases spearheaded by underhanded special counsel Jack Smith and also throws his felony conviction in a rigged New York City court in the Daniels matter into question.

It may be worth keeping an eye on this one which is coming in low and under the radar.

Chris Donaldson


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