ABC’s Jon Karl dragged for ‘outrage’ over WH giving radio hosts questions ahead of Biden interview

The president’s faculties weren’t all that corporate media attempted to gaslight over, but feigned outrage was given no quarter as ABC’s Jon Karl attempted to take the moral high ground.

“It was all a fun stage show for you guys until Biden sh*t all over the debate.”

In the category of “play stupid games, win stupid prizes,” talking heads who’d propped up President Joe Biden’s administration for more than three years found themselves facing new levels of exposure as accessories to the executive-level snow job.

That didn’t stop some who identify as journalists from behaving as though all the tricks employed to keep the incumbent appearing coherent had been unknown to them. Among those expressing shock was ABC News chief Washington correspondent Jon Karl, who reacted to a report on radio hosts being supplied with questions in advance of an interview with Biden.

“This is malpractice. When you give the interviewer questions, it is no longer an interview. Why did the White House do this?” wondered a seemingly incredulous Karl.

However, the posturing wasn’t readily accepted and many were quick to point out how widely reported incidents like this had been while leftist allies maintained their denial that the octogenarian president was anything but a spry and mentally-fit leader.

“This happened last year and you guys all said nothing about it,” said contributing editor to The Spectator Stephen L. Miller with a picture from an April 26, 2023 press conference. “It was all a fun stage show for you guys until Biden sh*t all over the debate.”

The images depicted a pronunciation guide on Los Angeles Times journalist Courtney Subramanian’s name as well as the question that she was meant to ask the resident-in-chief.

Similarly, in Oct. 2023, a joint press conference in the White House Rose Garden with Biden and Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese had included notes made out for the president likened to a “kindergarten work sheet” that listed which reporters he was meant to call on.

“As any well read person knows,” slammed The Federalist editor-in-chief Mollie Hemingway in reaction to Karl’s post, “the Biden White House has been doing this for years. Supposedly ‘duped’ media should read outside their tiny cloistered little bubbles of stupidity. Real media has been reporting on this exact issue so long that it’s truly old news for us.”

Included in the “duped” category was “The View” co-host Alyssa Farah Griffin who claimed to have been a victim of White House propaganda when, the day after the debate, she contended, “I feel duped. I feel like I’ve been told this guy’s doing gymnastics.”

“I was genuinely in shock last night watching this,” she continued. “Even though I had concerns for a couple of years about Biden’s age, it was stunningly worse than I expected.”

In case it remained unclear how disingenuous the takes from leftist talking heads were on Biden’s mental acuity, reminders about recent claims of “cheapfakes” regarding videos of the embarrassing state of the president were peppered in with additional slams of Karl “pretending to be shocked.”

Kevin Haggerty


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