Lawsuit filed to stop racial discrimination in Calif. draws ire of the left

Leftists, particularly black ones, are furious that conservatives are trying to stop a racially discriminatory program from moving forward.

Instituted by San Francisco, the Abundant Birth Project is designed to give “$1,000 per month to nearly 150 [b]lack residents during a portion of their pregnancies and the first six months of their children’s live,” according to local station KQED.

As evident by the program’s description, it only applies to black mothers, therefore making it a racially discriminatory and patently racist program that takes taxpayer money and hands it out to only black people. It’s for this reason that San Francisco has been justifiably sued by civil rights activists.

“The American Civil Rights Project, along with Benbrook Law Group, filed a complaint May 31 in San Francisco County Superior Court on behalf of named plaintiffs Ruth Parker, Ellen Lee Zhou and the Californians for Equal Rights Foundation,” according to the Northern California Record.

The class action suit targets the city and of county of San Francisco, in addition to the San Francisco Unified School District, Regents of the University of California, and California Health and Human Services Agency Secretary Mark Ghaly over several discriminatory income programs, including the Abundant Birth Project.

The lawsuit reportedly states that the agencies participating in the programs are violating the 14th Amendment because they “unlawfully choose their beneficiaries based on race, ethnicity, gender/gender identity and sexual orientation.”

“[The] payment schemes also discriminate unlawfully on the bases of gender/gender identity and sexual orientation. Although courts have held that the federal constitution’s equal protection guarantee is more tolerant of such classifications than it is with racial distinctions, the California Constitution treats sex and sexual orientation as ‘suspect classifications,’” the lawsuit continues.

According to the Northern California Record, the suit specifically targets the Abundant Birth Project, the Black Economic Equity Movement, and the Guaranteed Income for Transgender People program.

“Whether explicitly creating programs targeted toward racial or identity groups, or using intentional proxies, ‘no compelling interest supports these discriminatory giveaways,’ the complaint allege[s]. ‘Indeed, defendants do not even attempt to identify an interest recognized by the United States Supreme Court as compelling,'” the paper notes.

While these all appear to be fair arguments, the reaction from leftists — particularly to the suit’s focus on the Abundant Birth Project — has been one of fury, with them accusing Republicans of being the racist ones for not approving a racist program.


FYI, it’s not a “claim” that the program is discriminatory — it’s a fact.

Moreover, plenty of Americans realize this. Indeed, for every X user complaining about the suit, there was an X user rightly pointing out that the suit is 100 percent justified.


What’s up with these folks is they’ve been brainwashed to think racial discrimination and bigotry is alright if it helps black people. However, racial discrimination and bigotry is in fact NEVER acceptable.

Vivek Saxena


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