Left drools over MSNBC video of Roger Stone dictating memo, calls it smoking gun

The liberal left is gleefully going after Donald Trump adviser Roger Stone after a video surfaced of Stone dictating a memo about the rights of state legislatures and election fraud in the days following the 2020 presidential election — but before Joe Biden was declared the winner.

The clip, shot by Danish documentary filmmaker Christopher Gulbrandsen on November 5, 2020, and provided exclusively to MSNBC’s host of “The Beat,” Ari Melber.

According to Gulbrandsen, he knew right away that he was capturing “something spectacular,” and given this week’s shocking indictment of Trump and 18 others on conspiracy charges as part of an alleged “criminal racketeering enterprise to overturn Georgia’s presidential election result,” Melber gushed over his “big scoop.”

In reality, however, Stone was simply preparing for the battles that half of America could plainly see, two days after the election, were coming.

(Video: YouTube)

“Although state officials in all 50 states must ultimately certify the results of the voting in their state… the final decision as to who the state legislatures authorize be sent to the Electoral College is a decision made solely by the legislature,” Stone dictates to his aide in the obviously edited clip. “Any legislative body may decide on the basis of overwhelming evidence of fraud, to send electors to the Electoral College who accurately reflect the president’s legitimate victory in their state, which was illegally denied him through fraud.”

“We must be prepared to lobby our Republican legislatures,” Stone continued. “My personal contact, and by demonstrating the will of the people in their state — in each state — that this may need to happen.”

“Now, this was a big scoop,” Melber said, “and we are indebted to Christopher Gulbrandsen, the documentary filmmaker who obtained that footage.”

As BizPac Review reported, by November 4, 2020, it was clear that the election results would be challenged.

Nevada had announced that it would be another day — the day Stone dictated the memo — before it could provide an update to its numbers, and President Trump had already demanded a recount of Wisconsin’s votes.

“There have been reports of irregularities in several Wisconsin counties which raise serious doubts about the validity of the results,” Trump’s 2020 campaign manager, Bill Stepien, said at the time. “The President is well within the threshold to request a recount and we will immediately do so.”

With millions of Americans already alleging voter fraud and the tallying of many of the votes in a state of chaos, Stone’s early legal consideration of the certification of the results hardly seems “spectacular,” but, to hear Gulbrandsen recall the moment now, one would think Trump’s advisor was gathering tiki torches to set ablaze.

“Well, I think we already realized when we were recording that this was something spectacular,” he told Melber.

“I picked up Roger Stone at his home on November 5th, two days after the election, and I expected him to be somewhat downtrodden over the results, and Biden had consolidated his lead by then,” he continued. “But as we drove to his workplace, he was completely buoyed with energy, he was on the phone restarting ‘Stop the Steal,’ mobilizing people for the effort that we saw eventually culminating on January 6th.”

“So, I mean, you talk about journalism as the first draft of history, but this film and this opportunity to record this felt like, I mean, it’s history as it unfolds,” he stated. “So, in that sense, we had a strong feeling of witnessing something very wrong but also with a historic perspective.”

Former federal prosecutor John Flannery was eager to agree.

Asked by Melber if he thought the video of Stone was incriminating, he exclaimed, “Oh, absolutely, and what Christian just said, which nails it down, is they knew that he’d lost the election before it was announced, and that’s why they began these initiatives then. And in the weeks and months beforehand, they had to know what was going on.”

“But judging by the conduct after that, by the people who are going out doing what is prescribed in that dictated memo, we know that they’re already pulling together,” he continued. “And then to have the president’s son basically breaking out the elements that conform with what Stone is sending. So I think it’s powerful. I think it would be powerful for any of the cases that are pending, certainly Smith’s, certainly Georgia.”

So, to recap, the MSNBC panel believes that, if you suspect fraud in the election, you dare not look to legal means to combat it, because acknowledging so much as the possibility of remedying a false outcome is tantamount to planning an insurrection.

And, online, liberals are applauding the twisted logic, claiming the clip is evidence of an already-established plot to overthrow the government.

“MSNBC shows video of a Trump ally Roger Stone pushing electors to steal the presidential election from Joe Biden,” wrote one user. “This was an elector plot prior to Biden even being declared the winner of the 2020 presidential election.”

“WOW!!! This conspiracy to thwart Democracy happened. We heard it. We saw it,” declared another. “If you still say no, just watch. To the enablers who choose to ignore it, history will judge you accordingly.”

“Oh man the part where Roger looks directly into the camera as he spells out the plan is *chefs kiss*,” posted the Lincoln Project triumphantly.

Thankfully, however, not all of Stone’s critics have made the same mental leap.

“Uh, I hate Roger Stone with a white hot passion, but this is NOT illegal & is not much different from what liberals did in 2016 when they made the theoretically legit argument that Electoral College votes could be changed,” stated former radio host John Ziegler. “He’s just making flawed legal argument about legislators.”



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