Leftist know-it-all tries to school Elon Musk on how to run a business and it’s all downhill from there

Radical college professor, left-wing commentator, and prolific tweeter Robert Reich was the recipient of the dragging that he practically begged for when he popped off about billionaire Elon Musk’s jettisoning of thousands of Twitter employees, a housecleaning that has infuriated Democrats and their allies who were helpless to see their legions of censors kicked to the curb by the new boss.

The diminutive Reich, who served as the United States Secretary of Labor under then-President Bill Clinton from 1993 to 1997 and has parlayed that experience into one of the leading voices of Resistance Twitter, sought to lecture the Tesla/SpaceX CEO on the finer principles of corporate management despite having no real life experience on running any business, let alone one as successful that made Musk into a multi-billionaire in one of his typically ridiculous Twitter missives.

“Here’s what Elon Musk fails to understand: Much of a corporations’ value lies in their workers — their knowledge, skills, and ideas,” Reich wrote. “When he fired half of Twitter’s workforce and drove off even more, he wasn’t ‘cutting costs.’ He was actively destroying what he bought.”

The world’s wealthiest man whose early tenure as “Chief Twit” has demonstrated that he does not suffer fools gladly responded with a short and sweet rebuttal.

Twitter users didn’t hesitate to give the Berkeley blowhard a nickel’s worth of their free advice.

But few put it better than acclaimed actor James Woods, a conservative Twitter Jedi master who sliced and diced the know-it-all six ways from Sunday.

“Here’s what Robert Reich fails to understand,” Woods said. “Elon Musk didn’t fire workers; he flushed self-entitled liberal leeches down the crapper.”

“As CEO he set a new standard for employee responsibility, simultaneously resurrecting the free speech rights of disenfranchised Americans,” he added.


Mr. Reich may be revered by his fellow left-wing Democrats and fawned over in the studios of friendly media like CNN and MSNBC but Musk’s Twitter with its renewed commitment to free speech is a completely different thing for the malarkey super spreader.

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Chris Donaldson


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