Candace Owens torches ‘conspiracy theories’ she’s using Kanye to ‘take down Trump’

Conservative firebrand Candace Owens clapped back on Friday against “conspiracy theories” that are outrageously claiming she’s using rapper Kanye West to take down former President Trump, calling the allegations part of a “drug-induced paranoid narrative.”

Owens evidently decided to do damage control after West posted a video that described a meeting he had last week with Trump and conservative commentator Nick Fuentes. In the video, which appears to be a 2024 presidential campaign announcement of sorts for West, the rapper claims he offended the former president by asking him to be his vice presidential running mate on his ticket and that caused Trump to yell at him. West, known as Ye, contended that Trump was “really impressed” by Fuentes who many on the left call a racist. Trump called the dinner “uneventful,” according to Mediaite.

Owens flatly denied having anything to do with Fuentes or flamboyant political commentator Milo Yiannopoulus, who is said to be advising Ye on his 2024 campaign and who has allegedly been bashing Trump all over the place.

“Regarding #Ye24 — I would like to state some things publicly and for clarity because there is man (who seems to have personal feelings for Milo Yiannopoulus) who is attempting to insert me into what can only be described as a drug-induced paranoid narrative,” Owens unabashedly tweeted.

“1) I have never in my life been in contact with Milo Yiannopoulus (or Nick Fuentes). That is not a personal shot at either of them—That is simply the truth. I met Milo twice: both times at the David Horowitz freedom center where we were both invited as speakers years ago…,” she continued.

“…I was with Dave Rubin, he can attest to that fact. Milo was nice to me both times. That is the extent of my relationship with Milo. I met him twice years ago at a conference,” Owens added.

She proceeded to lay out how she never introduced Kanye West to Milo, “2) I did not introduce Ye to Milo. I simply could not have introduced Ye to Milo— I have never had any contact with him. Again, not a personal shot at anyone, just simply stating the truth. I was in London when they met and learned at the same time as everyone else.”

Owens also referred to a conspiracy theory that she quickly slapped down intimating that she somehow brought together West with the controversial figures in an effort to “take Trump down.” She is incensed concerning the accusations that she is trying to tank Trump.

“The idea that I have somehow connected Ye, Milo, and Nick Fuentes to take down Trump is again, part and parcel of a drug-induced paranoid narrative. If drugs are not to blame, then it is utter psychopathy,” she tweeted, blasting those trying to smear her once again.

Owens has had it with the baseless conspiracy theories that have been cooked up to paint her as radical, unhinged, and dishonest. She strongly asserts that none of them have any basis in truth whatsoever.

“I have read more conspiracy theories about myself in the last 2 months than throughout the entirety of my career. None of them are true,” she tweeted. “I draw that line at the idea that I am a part of some sinister plot to split the GOP. Let Ye be Ye. Let Trump be Trump.”

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