Leftist podcaster stumbles on some truth in call to dump Democrat Party: ‘Stop voting for them’

It took about forever, but one leftist radical has finally decided she’s had enough with the Democrat Party and its shenanigans.

The leftist radical in question, Briahna Joy Gray, is a rabid antisemite most famous these days for, one, denying that Hamas raped women during the Oct. 7th terror attack, and two, claiming the Israelis have trained dogs to rape Palestinian prisoners.

Case in point:


So why is Gray, former secretary for Bernie Sanders’ campaign, now fed up with the Democrats? Mainly because this week the Democrat Party establishment, to its credit, successfully primaried equally radical Rep. Jamaal Bowman out of office.

This infuriated Gray and others like her, including Hollywood actress Cynthia Nixon, another radical left-wing nut job.

“Bowman is the last Congress person of color in a NY district not wholly in NYC,” Nixon tweeted Tuesday evening after Bowman lost his primary election. “And let’s be clear—the record $20 mill spent against him did not come from Dems in this Dem primary but from anti-abortion, anti-climate justice, anti-worker far-right Republicans. You do the math.”

The tweet really resonated with Gray, who retweeted it and then added a telling message about no longer voting for the Democrat Party.

“The Democratic Party is a captured corporate party that is wholly disinterested in the wellbeing of working class or historically marginalized people outside of a cynical branding exercise,” she tweeted.

“It’s time to stop complaining about them and simply stop voting for them,” she added.


While her motivation for throwing the Democrat Party under the bus was definitely wrong — Bowman’s ouster was a GOOD THING — what she had to say about the party was 100 percent accurate.

And indeed, a flock of liberals and conservatives rushed to Gray’s post to let her know that they agreed with her assessment of the party.

Check out some of the more conservative responses below:

That being said, many conservatives were also quick to note that Bowman deserved to be ousted over his radicalism.

“Maybe running on a borderline antisemitic campaign in a district with a lot of voting Jews was not the best campaign strategy?” one critic tweeted, referencing Bowman’s own rampant antisemitism.

“I think a better course is to stop complaining and contemplate why the views of Bowman and the squad turn off so many voters,” another critic added, referencing the so-called “Squad” of Democrat radicals.

In fairness, every other “Squad” member who had a primary election Tuesday won their election, including close Bowman ally Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

The only real difference between her and Bowman is that she didn’t go full bore into antisemitism like he did.

One conservative also slammed the idea that Bowman is some sort of victim:

And lastly, there were a few liberals who agreed with EVERYTHING Gray had to say, including her support for Bowman.

“I am absolutely gutted Bowman was ousted by this corrupt foreign lobby,” one lefty loon tweeted. “By far the most ethical, authentic member of Congress who is actually for the People. This is a HUGE loss. He said he will run again. I hope he runs for Senate.”

The most ethical, authentic member of Congress!? As a reminder, the guy purposefully set off a fire alarm to disrupt congressional proceedings — and then afterward concocted a fabricated narrative to explain away his despicable, indefensible behavior.

Vivek Saxena


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