Australian anchor likely won’t have MTG back anytime soon after this BRUTAL beatdown…

U.S. Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene wondered if an Australian news anchor was “a serious interviewer” after she peppered the Georgia Republican with questions about the U.S. election.

The questions may have not been out of context except that Greene was appearing on the Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s (ABC) show “7:30” to discuss the release of Wikileaks founder Julian Assange, who headed to Australia after his plea deal.

Anchor Sarah Ferguson chose to ask the congresswoman about the November presidential election and whether she would “accept” a “win” by President Joe Biden. She continued to press Greene on the issue and defended her questioning with attacks on the lawmaker for supporting January 6 protesters who have been left to rot in jail.

“I don’t usually do interviews like this because people like you can’t be taken seriously,” Greene told the anchor.

Ferguson contended that the subject matter concerned “dominant issues of truth in the American landscape” since Greene, she claimed, has “lionized people in prison for their role in attacking the Capitol on January 6th including visiting them in prison.”

Greene set the record straight, repeatedly noting that Ferguson’s show and network likely do not tell their viewers the true stories about political issues.

“If it doesn’t go your way, if Biden wins, will you accept the result?” the persistent Aussie once again pressed Greene who was not going to put up with the game.

“Again, what does this have to do with Julian Assange? That’s what we’re supposed to be talking about.”

“What network is that? What is this? ABC in Australia? Is she getting her marching orders from the Democrat Party? Is this what you decided to come up with today?” Greene asked, looking off camera.

“You’re a prominent figure in U.S. politics. The first debate is tomorrow. The result of the election is on the minds not just of Americans, but of the whole world. So it’s a natural point of curiosity.” Ferguson insisted. “But I understand that we’ve reached the end of the questions that you want to answer. Thank you for talking to us about Julian Assange and for joining the program.”

Greene later gave a blistering assessment of the media on a social media post that included the clip.

“I’ve never been to Australia, but I’ve always wanted to go. I’m sure the Australian people are wonderful just like the American people,” the lawmakers wrote.

“The Australian press however, clearly mindless robots muttering the same stupid talking points from their government masters,” she added.  “Just like ours.”

Another Australian reporter was raked over the coals this week as Tucker Carlson wondered, “How do they get people this stupid in the media?”

Frieda Powers


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