Leftists, still obsessed with Melania, frantically attempt to compare her to Jill Biden in big Twitter fail

The never-ending comparison on Twitter between former first lady Melania Trump and first lady Jill Biden continues as the left is obviously still fixated on the former model who outshines everyone around her versus the dullish progressive school teacher.

You have the obligatory smears concerning Melania Trump sans clothing versus the laughable supposed moral high ground of Jill Biden. The endless calls from the left wanting to know who the classiest first lady is between the two fall short of reality on their end of the deal.

Melania Trump was the epitome of elegance while her husband was in office, despite some designers refusing to provide her outfits. From day one, she was absolutely as stunning as Jackie Kennedy, and Democrats despised her for it. The former model was the picture of perfection regardless of what she wore.

Jill Biden, however, has a penchant for ghastly floral prints and many have mocked her for looking like she shops at an upholstery outlet.


Once again the debate is raging on Twitter and the lawsuit-worthy smears against Melania are all over the place. A number of the memes out there say that at least Jill Biden has all her clothes on. For that, Americans are endlessly grateful.

Many praise Melania Trump’s beauty and grace, as well as being a role model. Others go x-rated on her in one form or another saying far more about her detractors than about the former first lady.

One user proclaimed, “Who is the greatest First Lady of your lifetime? Mine is Melania Trump.”


Another tweeted, “Raise your daughter to be like Melania Trump, Not Jill Biden (fake Doctor).”


Some of the attacks against Melania Trump are just vile.

One degenerate posted in a tweet filled with typos: “First Lady and Melania is trending simultaneously to remind America Melanya was never a First Landy, she was and forever will be a soft porn star stripper.”

Others attempted to accuse her of hating Christmas and generally not caring. Those are old jabs but the left never gets tired of them.

Others attacked Melania for being an immigrant while taking a poke at former President Trump.

Another unhinged Melania hater tweeted, “Remember when Melania Trump was caught on tape swearing and complaining about Christmas and the bad press of children in cages at the border? Remember how she perpetuated the racist birther conspiracy? Worst. First. Lady. Ever.”

And the lies just keep on coming as Democrats display abject fear that Trump will retake the presidency in 2024.

While Vogue loves Jill Biden and will not feature Melania, millions of Americans opt for possibly the most beautiful first lady to ever grace the White House and it isn’t the current one.

Despite the non-stop denigrating of Melania Trump, Jill Biden got a knock or two on social media as well.

Americans remember beautiful Melania and how she brightened the White House while she was there.


Following Trump’s announcement to seek reelection, Melania was fully in his corner and she doesn’t have to point him in the right direction, speak for him, or remind him where he is.




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