Disney slammed over new ‘woke’ box office bomb: ‘Stop making everything sexual!’

Disney’s latest “woke” extravaganza crashed and burned at the box office over the long Thanksgiving holiday weekend as moviegoers shunned what will go down as one of the most costly flops in the company’s history even though it featured its first openly gay teen character.

Despite its cultural breakthrough that went over far less well with the general public than a certain special demographic that is vastly overrepresented in the media and entertainment industry, the feature-length animated adventure “Strange World” failed to make $20 million despite its widespread release, not coming even remotely close to recouping costs for the film which was reportedly had a massive budget reported to be as high as $180 million.

The movie features the voices of Jake Gyllenhaal, Dennis Quaid, Gabrielle Union, Lucy Liu, and Jaboukie Young-White, who the left-wing Daily Beast describes as a “queer comedy icon” who voiced the openly gay teen character.

With it now being clear to millions of Americans that Disney is no longer the family-friendly company that it was for decades before the focus shifted to indoctrination if not outright grooming of young children with homosexual and transgender propaganda, fans expressed their opinions on “Strange World” and the sad decline of what until recently, a solid gold brand.

One reviewer on Rotten Tomatoes where the movie has a 61 percent audience score said, “If I want to teach my children about sex and or sexual preferences at 7 and 8 I would do it in my home. I don’t need a Disney movie to help me out with it. STOP making everything sexual, its unbelievable.”

“Took the kids to the movies today to watch a Disney cartoon called ‘Strange World,'” wrote entrepreneur Patrick Bet-David.  “Within 10 minutes of the movie, my 10 year old son said ‘Dad, I have no desire to watch this movie.  Can we leave?’ We left. The leaders at @Disney have forgotten who the PAYING customer is.”

“Unless if @Disney is a non profit, these numbers don’t look good. It’s being called the biggest bomb at box office for Disney,” he added in another tweet. “Back to back bombs since ‘lightyear’ also flopped. Paying customers = Parents, Groom kids = lose parents, Basic formula.

“Disney’s new movie, #StrangeWorld is flopping at the box office, earning less than $24 million over 5 days against its $180 million budget. Mainstream creatives don’t care about these projects being successful so long as they spite the audience and their ideological enemies,” another Twitter user opined, suggesting that promoting the left’s cultural agenda is a much greater concern than profitability.

“Disney’s two budget busters ‘The Black Panther: Wakanda Forever’ & ‘Strange World’ Overpromised and under performed at the box office, during Thanksgiving holiday releases. They should’ve posted record sales, but totally bombed. Disney again proved that Woke= Broke!”


More reactions to Disney’s Thanksgiving weekend stink bomb.

Another Disney mega-flop was this summer’s “Lightyear” which also failed to deliver on its big budget with a lesbian kiss proving to be a big turnoff to audiences, especially in Saudi Arabia and other Middle East countries where it was banned due to the cultural reason that sexual deviance isn’t celebrated there as it is in America.

According to Deadline, the movie “given its gay character storyline, isn’t receiving a release in Russia, China, France, Middle East, Malaysia, Indonesia and a number of medium/smaller international markets. Disney is holding true to the film and not bending to these countries’ demands for cuts. The character’s gay storyline wasn’t in the marketing of the film, but was discussed greatly on the pic’s press tour by talent.”

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