Maher reveals a ‘pretty famous person’ became irate with him over having Republicans on his show

Comedian and social commentator Bill Maher has taken flak over his willingness to invite Republicans onto his popular HBO show including from a “pretty famous person” who was irate over his allowing opposing viewpoints to be heard.

An old-school liberal of the type that’s an endangered species in the fully radicalized Democratic party, Maher has often run afoul of leftists with his stinging criticism of the “woke” cultural revolutionaries and the anti-Semites who have crawled out of the woodwork over Israel’s war on the Hamas terror organization.

In an interview with Reason Magazine that was published this week, the host discussed a number of issues, one of them being the intolerance of the modern American Left.

Asked about the backlash over his “platforming” of Republicans such as Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, Texas Senator Ted Cruz, and former GOP presidential hopeful Vivek Ramaswamy, Maher was defiant of his critics.

“I had [Ron] DeSantis and Ted Cruz on this year, and Bill Barr. And yes, to answer your question, I can think of two people—and I won’t say who they are; one of them is pretty famous—just yelling at me in an email about that,” he said. “And my answer to that is: F**k off. You know what? You live in your ivory tower. I’m going to talk to everybody in the half of the country that you find is so deplorable. They’re not going to self-deport, even if they are deplorable.”

“When historians look back in a hundred years, if we’re still here, I don’t think they’re going to divide the country like we do into these two camps,” Maher continued. “They’re going to say: As a people, they were obnoxious. It happens in different forms on both sides. As a people, they didn’t believe in science. On the right, they think global warming is a hoax or whatever nonsense they believe about that. And on the left, they think men can have babies. That’s what they’ll say. They’ll say, ‘As a people, they just lost their sh*t.'”

Maher isn’t likely to endear himself to Democrats with his going against the party propaganda this week by pointing out that President Joe Biden doesn’t need any new laws to address the illegal alien invasion.

In the Reason interview, Maher also tore into the left over its embrace of censorship to stomp out debate, with one example being the reaction to COVID which led to calls for the silencing of people like podcasting king Joe Rogan.

“Misinformation. One of the other most weasel f**king words. Whose misinformation?” Maher asked. “These people—the ‘science’ people—have no idea what science is, that it’s something that’s tested every day. Otherwise, it’s religion. What they’re talking about, what they have is a religion. Ridiculous.”

A throwback to the old days of leftist moderation, Maher is loathed by hateful progressives and he doesn’t give a damn.

Chris Donaldson


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