Lindsey Graham gives the gift of Chick-fil-A to UNC frat bros for ‘protecting Old Glory’

The patriotism of University of North Carolina fraternity members has earned praise from Americans and a very special treat from Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) for protecting the flag from a pro-Hamas mob.

Members of the Pi Kappa Phi fraternity at the university’s Chapel Hill campus became instant heroes after video of them gathered around the flag which was under attack from terrorist supporters, holding up Old Glory to prevent the stars and stripes from touching the ground.

In a video posted to the X platform, the South Carolina Republican said that he’s sending some tasty Chick-fil-A treats heading the way of the young men who he hailed for their good work, an inspiring act that may one day be seen as one that helped turn the tide against the anti-American left and their insurrection against decency.

“I’m so proud of the courageous young men at UNC that protected our flag and stood up for America against the pro-Hamas protesters on their campus,” Graham wrote. “The actions of these young men make me hopeful for the next generation’s love for our country. Fellas, as a thank you for protecting Old Glory, Chick-fil-A is on the way this morning, compliments of Team Graham!”

The viral video of the youngsters staving off the America-hating mob was even praised by White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre who said that their actions were “admirable,” a strong statement from a member of an administration that has dragged America’s reputation through the mud and seems to be more concerned with foreign countries than the USA.

Graham’s gift of Chick-fil-A is a nice gesture to the young patriots but pales in comparison to the GoFundMe page that was started to throw a “rager” or a massive party in their honor.

As of Sunday morning the page which is titled “UNC Frat Bros Defended their Flag. Throw ’em a Rager” has raked in over $516,000, enough for the mother of all ragers.

“Commie losers across the country have invaded college campuses to make dumb demands of weak University Administrators,” the GoFundMe page reads. “But amidst the chaos, the screaming, the anti-semitism, the hatred of faith and flag, stood a platoon of American heroes. Armored in Vineyard Vines and Patagonia, fueled by Zyn and White Claws, these triumphant Brohemians protected Old Glory from the unwashed Marxist horde — laughing at their shrieks and wails and shielding the Stars & Stripes from Soviet missiles.”

“These boys… no, men, of the UNC frats, gave the best to America and now they deserve the best,” the page urges donors.

Chris Donaldson


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