Tim Scott: Ladies of ‘The View’ attack me for being ‘only black Republican in the Senate’

Republican South Carolinian Senator Tim Scott took aim at the ladies of “The View” on Friday, claiming they are “attacking” him for being “the only black Republican in the Senate.”

Scott, who is on the short list of potential running mates for former President Donald Trump, posted a video to X in which he said the caustic coffee klatch feared the “momentum” the GOP is enjoying in his community.

“I’m never surprised when the ladies at ‘The View’ go at it again,” he said from his car. “They’re attacking me for being the only Black Republican in the Senate.”

The senator’s remarks followed a segment on ‘The View” discussing Trump’s potential VP picks.

Co-host Sunny Hostin claimed with a laugh that Scott wouldn’t help Trump garner votes from black men.

“If anyone thinks Tim Scott will bring over a bunch of black men, they really need to just get with it,” Hostin said, “because Tim Scott is the only African American senator in the Republican party for a reason.”

“In the sucking up territory, I feel like Tim Scott has done a lot more than [Florida Senator] Marco Rubio,” co-host Alyssa Farah Griffin added.

(Video: YouTube)

The ladies of “The View” have a problem with black Republicans, according to Scott.

“Time and time again,” he said, “they have helped defeat black Republicans running for the Senate.”

“But what they’re really afraid of,” Scott continued, “is, this year, we have momentum.”

“Four out of 10 black men wanting to vote for the Republican Party, doubling the number of black women interested in voting for the Republican Party,” he noted. “What they’re afraid of is the monopoly is over.”

“The Republican Party, the GOP, on the move in my community,” Scott stated. “God Bless America.”

As BizPac Review reported last month, Biden “has been hemorrhaging support” from black voters since 2020, when he garnered roughly 92% of their vote.

“We have no trust in Joe Biden,” one black female voter told CNN.

Biden’s support among black voters in battleground states has fallen to 68% from 91% in 2020, according to a recent poll by The Wall Street Journal.

Meanwhile, Scott “is leaning into his ability to engage with the growing number of Black voters that polling data suggest are open to voting for Trump in this election,” NBC News reported last month.

“Scott has launched a weekly series, ‘America’s Starting Five,’ with other Black Republicans in Congress, in a bid both to make Black conservatives more visible and to reach Black voters,” according to the outlet. “The series, which will discuss ‘politics, race, and the 2024 election’ and which Scott hopes to continue at least through the summer, is also a vehicle for him to lean into a skill set that could be an asset for Trump: his perceived ability to expand the party’s tent.”

The fifth episode of the series dropped Friday on X.

“This week,” Scott announced, “we discuss the different directions the two parties want to send our country.”

Melissa Fine


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