Loudoun Co schools accused of advising staff on how to obtain warrants against mask dissenters

A recently-tweeted email shows Loudoun County school officials, who refuse to let up on their quest to anger as many parents as possible, have now allegedly been educated in the art of obtaining warrants against parents or students who follow Gov. Glenn Youngkin’s executive order and choose to go maskless on campus. However, superintendent Scott Ziegler issued a statement seemingly downplaying the email, saying that the school district doesn’t have the “authority to arrest or charge any suspended students or their parents for trespassing.”

A tweet by American Majority CEO Ned Ryun reports John Clark, the director of safety and security at Loudoun County Public Schools, allegedly sent an email to members of his team, as well as to “all Principals,” which included detailed, how-to guide to securing trespass warrants from a judge.

“And these people think they’re on the right side of science and history,” tweeted Ryun.

On Day One of the Virginian governor’s tenure, Youngkin signed nine executive orders and two executive directives, and, as BPR reported, the second signature gave parents the right to choose whether or not to mask their children. As the email illustrates, progressive Loudoun County has no intention of complying with Youngkin’s directives.

The email, dated Feb. 1, features a subject line that reads, “Tomorrow – Mask Enforcement,” and appears to inform recipients that “Safety & Security will have an enhanced presence throughout LCPS.”

Police school resource officers and security staff, Clark warned, “will NOT go hands-on, nor will they enforce a verbal no trespass for peaceful mask non-compliance without a trespass summons/warrant being issued from a magistrate.”

And then Clark, a former special agent for the Secret Service, gave step-by-step instructions for obtaining a judge’s signature.

“If you determine that an individual should be trespassed then a school admin representative, in conjunction with S&S Coordinator Rich Thomas… will proceed to the magistrate to swear out a trespass summons/warrant,” the email reads. “School admin will meet Rich Thomas at the Safety & Security office and then proceed to the magistrate, which is located next to our office.”

Clark instructs officials to collect the “trespasser’s” name, address, and date of birth for the required forms.

“Once issued by the magistrate, the summons/warrant will be served by law enforcement,” Clark states, adding, “The process may take up to 24 hours.”

And just in case any prying eyes come snooping around, Clark reportedly reminds those on his recipient list, “No media is allowed on any campuses during a school day.”

It’s not surprising. Cameras have not been the Loudon County Board of Education’s friend.

In June of last year, a viral video showed Scott Smith being dragged out of a school board meeting in handcuffs, following the rape of his daughter in her school’s bathroom by a 14-year-old boy who was self-identifying as a girl. The young predator was allowed to transfer to another high school, where he promptly struck again.

The horrifying incident outraged parents from Loudoun County and beyond, fueling much of the support Youngkin received on the campaign trail.

Three days after the email was reportedly sent, schools superintendent Scott Ziegler confirmed in a statement that students who are repeatedly warned against defying mask requirements are subject to suspension, and, “Any student who is suspended from school and returns to school property, without administrative permission, may be issued a trespass notice.”

However, he did stress that “students suspended for defiance of COVID mitigation protocols will not be charged with trespassing,” seemingly in opposition to what the email indicates.

He also said: “LCPS does not have the authority to arrest or charge any suspended students or their parents for trespassing” and that the district had not “requested that local law enforcement charge any student with trespassing in connection with recent suspensions.”

Melissa Fine


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