New York Rep Jeffries credits Biden for the dropping of mask mandates

New York Rep. Hakeem Jeffries has just credited Joe Biden for the dropping of mask mandates in several states, proving conclusively that Democratic politicians are either certifiably delusional or they can no longer be bothered to come up with convincing lies.

Grabien founder Tom Elliott tweeted out the clip of Jeffries, sparking a Twitter storm of stunned disbelief.

The states are dropping their mask mandates not because data has shown they aren’t effective or because parents are demanding it, but because, Jeffries explains, “under President Biden’s leadership, a public health infrastructure was put into place, beginning with the American Rescue Plan, without a single Republican vote, to ensure we can do everything possible to crush the virus.”

“And that is what has been happening, Jeffries continued. “Through the trials and the tribulations of a once-in-a-century pandemic, through the Delta variant, [and] now, through the Omicron variant.”

Yes, according to Jeffries, we can all thank President Biden and his strong leadership for allowing states to decide whether or not their citizens are allowed to breathe freely. It certainly couldn’t have had anything to do with the natural progression of things, such as a virus mutating into a far less deadly variant so that it doesn’t kill off its host.

Don’t be silly. Dems lean into The Science, after all. They don’t bore themselves with regular, long-standing, little-“s” science.

“When President Biden took office, there were two million Americans fully vaccinated,” Jeffries said. “One year later, more than 200 million Americans [are] fully vaccinated. That doesn’t happen by accident. Because President Biden and Democrats in the House and in the Senate have leaned into the science, to the evidence, to standing up a robust public health infrastructure and now we are seeing the fruits of that work.”

While it all sounded poetic — and ridiculous — the shift towards crediting Biden for the lifting of mask mandates sounds like part of a propaganda pivot worth noting.

Senator Ted Cruz has.

Responding to Leana Wen’s claims on CNN that “the science has changed,” Cruz tweeted, “Something changed, but it wasn’t the science. It was the politics.”

And, of course, Senator Cruz is exactly right.

As the mid-term elections draw near, 57% of Likely U.S. Voters disapprove of President Biden’s job performance, according to Rasmussen Reports’ Daily Presidential Tracking Poll. Of those, 47% say they “strongly disapprove” of Biden’s leadership.

Add to those dismal numbers the outpouring of support, both here and around the world, for Canada’s Freedom Convoy as they protest against authoritarian COVID measures, and Biden desperately needs something he can call a win.

But as always, the administration has missed its mark if it believes Americans will simply memory-hole the Dems insistence that masks, or even multiple masks, are necessary no matter what or their hypocritical bare-faced appearances in public while schoolchildren have been forced to mask up.

As one Twitter user asked of Jeffries, “How does he say that with a straight face?”

The bigger question is: How do any of them?

Melissa Fine


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