Lunatic with Illinois plates reportedly on the prowl in Tennessee with urge to kill Trump supporters

The Tennessee Office of Homeland Security has quietly issued an internal warning about an anti-Trump lunatic who’s threatened to kill Trump supporters.

Nobody would even know about the alert if it hadn’t been for conservative activist Steven Crowder, who obtained a copy that he subsequently shared with the world.


It’s not clear why the Tennessee Office of Homeland Security hasn’t yet alerted the public to this major threat.

The attached internal warning seen above identifies the anti-Trump lunatic as Benjamin Matthew Dayton, a 30-year-old man.

According to the internal warning, Dayton texted the following to his mother sometime recently: “Have been thinking an awful lot about rigging my van and bombing trump supporters.

The warning further states that Dayton “has experienced suicidal and homicidal ideations and also mentioned trying to obtain a firearm.”

The order goes on to talk about his past.

“Initial investigation has also revealed that Dayton has an active Order of Protection issued in Waukegan, Illinois. Dayton’s criminal history indicated previous arrests for public drunkenness and domestic battery incidents,” it reads.

“According to the subject’s parents, he suffers from unspecified mental health diagnoses. Dayton has several addresses associated with him in the Memphis/Shelby County area. At this time, the subject is believed to be transient and has no known address,” it continues.

Dayton is reportedly believed to be driving a tan-colored 1995 Chevy G20 passenger van with Illinois license plates. His van was last spotted in Shelby County on Feb. 28th.

The warning goes on to caution the authorities to be careful if they run into the guy.

“Law enforcement personnel should exercise caution if contact is made with Dayton and/or his vehicle,” it reads. “No detention of the above subject or vehicle should be made solely based on this bulletin. This information is provided to increase situational awareness and advise law enforcement agencies of the potential officer safety concerns related to the subject of this bulletin.”

Dayton’s Instagram profile strongly suggests he’s a raving-mad far-leftist. For example, one post shows the anti-Semitic, pro-Palestinian words “From the River to the Sea” written on the back windows of his van.



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Another post shows a picture of the Army-issued “Improvised Munitions Handbook.”



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As word of the Tennessee Office of Homeland Security’s internal warning has spread, so has criticism.

Some on the right sincerely believe that Dayton’s sickening attitude and hatred are a direct result of the hateful propaganda that Democrats and their allies in media and academia incessantly push on the public.


Other critics meanwhile urged the authorities, who have a history of targeting conservative dissidents instead of doing their job, to do their damn job.


All this comes amid an effort by the Biden administration to portray right-wingers, particularly Trump supporters, as the real extremists, radicals, and supposed threat to democracy.

Meanwhile, as of Thursday afternoon, there was zero mainstream establishment media coverage of Dayton’s horrifying threat.

Vivek Saxena


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