CNN panel scolds MSNBC harpies for giving Trump an ‘in-kind contribution’ with insufferable segment

Former GOP strategist Doug Heye blasted an MSNBC segment for mocking Americans upset over immigration and giving Trump an “in-kind contribution” during the presidential election.

The Super Tuesday MSNBC panel included Rachel Maddow, Jen Psaki, Joy Reid, Nicolle Wallace, and Alex Wagner. Rachel Maddow made fun of Virginia and West Virginia’s residents because they are concerned about illegal immigration. Reid, of course, made the election all about race. The coverage during the segment was arrogant and disdainful of voters who increasingly see leftist media as elitist and authoritarian in nature.

“CNN Host Kasie Hunt asked Heye, a former communications director at the Republican National Committee and GOP strategist, about President Biden’s biggest vulnerabilities. She appeared to cite crime and the border, noting Gov. Kathy Hochul, D-N.Y., sent the National Guard to the New York City subway in order to combat a rise in crime and noted Rep. Mike Collins, R-Ga., had invited the parents of Georgia murder victim Laken Riley to the president’s State of the Union address, but they had declined,” Fox News reported.

“I mean, these are big policy vulnerabilities for the president,” Hunt stated.

(Video Credit: CNN)

Heye claimed that Biden’s age and the border crisis are the two issues he hears the most about.

He mocked the women on MSNBC Thursday as he appeared on CNN after he discussed New York Gov. Kathy Hochul (D) ordering the National Guard to help deal with crime in New York’s subway system as crime has exploded in her state. He then turned to the MSNBC panel and thrashed them.

New York City Mayor Eric Adams (D) has come to the realization that America ushering in millions of illegal immigrants perhaps wasn’t such a great idea after all. The Big Apple is about to collapse under the financial weight of taking in thousands of migrants bused from Texas and other cities and Heye is noting that it’s not funny in the least despite the MSNBC panelists yucking it up on Super Tuesday.

Heye pointed to Reid accusing Republicans of wanting to “drive all the blacks out of the colleges” because they oppose DEI. At that point, she predictably threw the race card, charging that conservatives vote on “racial animus” over border concerns. Following that bit of insanity, Psaki and Maddow made fun of Virginians being concerned over illegal immigrants. They mocked illegal immigration as being a motivating factor in the upcoming presidential election.

“I mean, if you look at some of these exit polls, I mean, I live in Virginia. Immigration was the number one issue, of course,” Psaki sneered.

“Virginia does have a border with West Virginia. They’re very contested there,” Maddow mocked as the others laughed.

Heye noted that the arrogance of the panel just helps ensure that former President Trump will be re-elected for four more years.

(Video Credit: Fox News)

“I think in Washington they don’t get it. Outside of Washington, Democrats get it more and more,” Heye commented.

“It is overwhelmingly of vulnerability for this administration. And I think in Washington, they don’t get it. Outside of Washington, Democrats get it more and more,” he added.

“I was watching MSNBC for a little bit on Super Tuesday and there was a panel of hosts and they were all sort of laughing. ‘Well, Virginia’s a border state with West Virginia, so of course they’d be worried about the border. Hahaha.’ Eric Adams gets it. Kathy Hochul’s starting to get it, and if Washington — if the liberal intelligentsia that informs Washington [and] this White House laughs it off or thinks they can laugh it off, they’re in for four more years of Donald Trump,” Heye warned.

To drive the point home, CNN “This Morning” host Kasie Hunt held up a New York Post newspaper with the story plastered across it showing the cackling hosts laughing at American voters.

“That is a massive in-kind contribution to Donald Trump’s campaign,” Heye declared.


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