‘Made me teary’: Ivanka’s sweet and simple message for dad pulls at the heartstrings

It’s no secret that former President Donald Trump has earned the loyal adoration of his children, so it was only a matter of time until his daughter broke her silence after the guilty verdict that was heard around the world.

Ivanka Trump is quiet and private compared to her boisterous brothers Don Jr., and Eric Trump, so her simple message to Dad seemed fitting.

After a presumably heavily biased jury convicted Trump on all 34 counts in a ginned-up ‘hush money’ trial presided over by a heavily biased anti-Trump judge, support for the convicted former president has surged, bigly.

But, none of the cheers of support or heaping donations will likely be as comforting as four little words from his eldest daughter.

“I love you, Dad,” was all she wrote with a heart emoji on an old photo from easier days.

Ivanka Trump’s message for her father via Instagram.















The sweet Instagram post appeared Thursday night as her dad was preparing to fire warning shots at the Biden campaign. On Friday, he accused the Biden administration of ‘hating’ America for its destructive policies.

Trump also said the ‘sham trial’ was backfiring and touted a record-setting fundraising haul.

Impressive indeed!

As for Ivanka’s message for dad? That garnered a lot of attention on X where it was widely shared and pulled at the heartstrings:


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