Madness of ‘woke’ falls upon Jimmy Fallon after he calls trans actor ‘Bud’

Transgender madness rained upon “The Tonight Show” after host Jimmy Fallon’s informal vernacular struck a sour chord with the pronoun police.

“as if I didn’t have reason enough to hate Fallon…”

Enough is never enough and the late night host may be learning that after rolling out the red carpet for nothing short of a fawning interview over actor Hunter Schafer, a man who considers himself a woman.

In a recent episode of the NBC program, Fallon welcomed the actor on to talk about his role in the new film “The Hunger Games: The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes” during which an anecdote about his love for the series growing up was shared.

“For Halloween, I was obsessed with how the Capitol people were in costume and made my own costume,” he explained as Fallon presented an image to the audience before the host enthused, “Oh, bud, it’s unbelievable. This is really cool, now you’re in Hunger Games — as a Capitol person!”

After holding up a promotional image for the film, Fallon said, “Congratulations, bud!”

The apparently unforgivable sin was met by backlash online as users, including one who went on to delete their post after it went viral, heaped hate on the Saturday Night Live alum for his gendered language.

“jimmy fallon calling hunter schafer ‘bud’ i am going to [redacted],” wrote one as another with a “trans” flag in their name railed, “as if I didn’t have reason enough to hate Fallon, he takes this opportunity to show that he doesn’t see Hunter as the beautiful, immaculate queen sitting before him…to my cis readers, i hope you don’t see this as an overreaction–bud/buddy is unquestionably male-coded.”

Another who demonstrated little regard for basic writing skills griped, “i literally cant stand it when people call me bud. it’s so degrading and it really shows that they dont see me(or hunter or any trans woman rly) as a woman!! bud isnt something you say to girls im sorry.”

“i remember telling people i hated being called bud/buddy and they always doubled down on it afterward i f*cking hate it. if youre a man and use any casual ‘man’ or ‘dude’ or whatever the f*ck i need you to not speak to me anymore i literally cant anymore,” the user added.

Still others raged in opposition to the idea that the word was “gender neutral.”

As it happened, the late night host was readily (and easily) defended across social media not only for his incessant use of the familiar term, but for the reality that the gnashing of teeth was very much a “you problem” for the offended.

While many pointed out that Fallon called nearly everyone “bud,” including Taylor Swift, Jennifer Lawrence and Ariana Grande, others mocked the offended, in some cases by giving them something to be offended about.

Kevin Haggerty


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