Madonna left red-faced after calling out wheelchair-bound fan for sitting during LA show: ‘Oh, okay’

A royal blunder from the queen of pop left even the shameless diva awkwardly recovering from her own “politically incorrect” callout.

At 65-years-old, 80s icon Madonna has yet to hang up her microphone or edgy act, even as setbacks included a tour-delaying stint in the ICU for a bacterial infection. Thursday, with the North American leg of her “Celebration Tour” well underway, the songstress was anything but “Vogue” when she singled out a wheelchair-bound guest at the Kia Forum.

Viral video from the performance showed her pausing audience engagement to zero-in on one particular concertgoer near the stage at the nearly 18,000-seat capacity Inglewood, California venue to bluntly ask, “What are you doing sitting down over there?”

“What are you doing sitting down?” repeated Madonna as she held her hands out before pulling the microphone from its stand to head to the edge of the stage to better interact with the fan.

While fans cheered and a spotlight came on, likely anticipating someone getting shamed for not giving the performer the attention she desired, it was the singer herself who felt the sting of embarrassment as she promptly realized her own error.

“Oh, okay. Politically incorrect. Sorry about that. I’m glad you’re here,” she said pointing at the fan before turning on her heel and slow-walking back to the microphone stand after attaining a level of gaffe more often seen by the likes of President Joe Biden.

With roughly seven weeks remaining before the current tour concludes in Mexico City near the end of April, many who watched the video couldn’t fathom why the artist would feel the need to question anyone for sitting during her performance.

Others suggested that if the fan didn’t pursue some legal recourse, the entertainer should at the very least have refunded their ticket for the perceived slight.

It remained unknown how the fan reacted to the incident, but it was hardly the first time that the senior star had upset her following.

When Madonna kicked off the North American half of the tour at Brooklyn’s Barclays Center in December, her taking the stage two hours after the show was scheduled to begin prompted a class-action lawsuit for “unconscionable, unfair, and/or deceptive trade practices.”

Fans Michael Fellows and Jonathan Hadden had filed the suit against the artist, the arena and Live Nation contending that the late start left them “confronted with limited public transportation, limited ride-sharing, and/or increased public and private transportation costs,” essentially leaving them “stranded.”

“Madonna had demonstrated flippant difficulty in ensuring a timely or complete performance, and Defendants were aware that any statement as to a start time for a show constituted, at best, optimistic speculation,” the filing added accusing her of “breach of contract.”

Kevin Haggerty


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