Maher dukes it out with ‘Family Guy’ creator over covid jabs: ‘Djokovic didn’t need it. Aaron Rodgers didn’t need it’

The smug “Family Guy” creator talked about “debunked” realities of COVID shots in a contentious back-and-forth with comedian Bill Maher.

What some knew readily about the experimental mRNA shots, hastily produced and pumped out courtesy of the red tape-cutting made possible through Operation Warp Speed, remained beyond the grasp of zealots to The Science™, even with study after study disproving efficacy claims and raising further alarms about jab-induced injuries.

Included among that lot was Hollywood hitmaker Seth MacFarlane who sat down with HBO talk show host Bill Maher for the “Club Random” podcast. During the lengthy chat, the topic of COVID was broached with a display of invincible ignorance that included the actor casually countering his own remarks within moments.

Speaking to the fallibility of the medical community, the host turned to the extreme push to attain maximum distribution of the mRNA shots that ran counterintuitive to common knowledge about viruses, including the ostracization of peak athletes like tennis star Novak Djokovic and NFL quarterback Aaron Rodgers.

“Djokovic didn’t need it. Aaron Rodgers didn’t need it,” said Maher who criticized MacFarlane, “The fact that you don’t even have a clue what’s the cost of getting a vaccine, that you don’t know the answer to that — You completely want to shut your eyes to the fact that there are repercussions to all medical interventions, including a vaccine.”

Ahead of that take, the host had said, “I would think this country did not allow for natural immunity to be considered. And I know this is a subject dear to your heart. Like, even if you had the disease, you still had to get a vaccine. That’s powerful stupid. They don’t do that in Europe.”

Despite decrying anecdotal examples later in the discussion, MacFarlane countered by claiming, “That was debunked though. Don’t you know people have had COVID four or five times? I do. That’s not natural immunity. There’s no immunity there. You’ve had COVID five times.”

The actor, who admitted to having taken every dose that had been made available, didn’t specify if the people in his example did or did not receive any of the jabs, the degree to which they experienced symptoms, or the fact that the virus had mutated.

Maher even readily countered that those people in his guest’s ambiguous example likely had too much medical intervention. “Probably because you’ve had too many vaccines.”

“All vaccines, they come, they say side effects, just like every medication does. You can see it in the literature,” the host would later point out. “They can’t write it on the back, you know, on the vaccine, so you have to dig ’em. And of course, there is a vaccine court because so many people have been injured. This is not a screed to say don’t do vaccines. I’m not against doing vaccines. I’m against doing vaccines that I don’t think I need. I should be able to decide that for myself inside my body.”

MacFarlane was even called out for conflating those who died “with” COVID and those who died “from” COVID, a point he admitted to not knowing the disparity of the figures but remained certain would support his position, further proving Maher’s point on his wanting to turn a blind eye to reality.

Likewise, the actor downplayed vaccine injury, a data point suspected by many to far exceed the number of people who may have benefited from receiving Big Pharma’s concoction, as he challenged what was the “downside” of taking it.

He had shown himself similarly insulated during lockdowns when his show “The Orville” was allowed to resume production in Dec. 2020 while schools and businesses remained closed, also causing irreparable harm to countless Americans.

As it happened, the same day that Maher’s interview with MacFarlane premiered, Brownstone Institute President Jeffrey Tucker wrote on X, “One notable revelation of 2023 has been discovering that the lockdowners and shot mandators were never intellectually serious people. They never much thought about the implications or ramifications of what they were doing. They were just wrecking things mostly for pecuniary gain, job protection, and career advancement, plus it was fun to be in charge. It’s not much more complicated than that.”

The degree to which Maher pushed back on MacFarlane during the discussion was exponentially multiplied on social media where users were quick to counter the actor’s tired talking points.

Kevin Haggerty


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