Maher lays into Gen Z ‘scolds’ who get offended by Halloween costumes: ‘Just stay the f**k home!’

Liberal comedian Bill Maher ripped into uppity Gen Z “scolds” for trying to ruin Halloween with their petty rules about what costumes people may or may not wear.

During a well-received rant on the latest episode this Friday of his HBO show, “Real Time,” the popular left-wing talking head completely obliterated these “scolds,” accusing them of being over-sensitive weenies with a stick up their butt.

“Every year, there’s a new list of offensive things we shouldn’t do on the day that’s all about being offensive. You know what I want to cancel? November 1st, All Scolds Day, when the good people announce which costumes the bad people wore,” he said.

Listen to the entire rant below:

“New rule. If Halloween is too much for your fragile sensibilities and you’re worried about seeing someone wearing something that’s on the forbidden costume list, just stay the f–k home. Every year, we go through this bullshit — lists of costumes you better not wear unless a night of irreverent dress-up spiral into something that resembles fun,” Maher began.

“Here’s an idea, clickbait websites, I won’t tell you how to harvest and sell my personal data, and you don’t tell me what I can wear on Halloween, because Halloween is supposed to be outrageous. It’s a festival of the sacrilegious, and a celebration of the grotesque, from zombies to ghouls to bobbing for apples and other people’s saliva,” he continued.

Last year the Anti-Defamation League posted a list. This year, a list was published by BuzzFeed — or BuzzKill, as Maher calls it.


(Source: BuzzFeed)

“BuzzFeed — I mean BuzzKill — -has a list of 23 costumes they’re literally begging you not to wear. Of course, this year the number one no-no is serial killer Hannibal and Netflix sensation Jeffrey Dahmer,” Maher continued.

“eBay has already banned selling it because otherwise it would be impossible to find a blonde wig in aviator glasses. Simone Biles tweeted ‘put the Jeffrey Dahmer costumes back in the closet — we ain’t having it.’ Who’s we? What’s with the we? Who died and made you the great pumpkin,” he added.

He referenced this tweet:

“I’m so tired of a handful of emotional hemophiliacs on social media telling us what we can’t do on Halloween. And by the way, please put drugs in my candy,” Maher quipped.

He continued by going through BuzzFeed’s list, which includes everything from dressing like the late Queen of England to dressing like actor Johnny Depp or Russian President Vladimir Putin or former U.S. President Donald Trump.

In response to this annoying list, Maher then said hell no.

“Can I tell you something, kids? These are all great costumes! Listen to me. I’m your last connection to fun. You should wear all of them. In fact, combine them if you want. Have the queen [defecating] in Johnny’s bed. Have Will Smith smacking a hobo, Kevin Spacey hitting on a mariachi band. Jeffrey Dahmer is the perfect Halloween costume. What is scarier than a guy who f–ks you, kills you, and eats you — not necessarily in that order,” he said.

“For f–k’s sake, it’s Halloween, which is not just a fun holiday. It’s a necessary psychic release. Society going back thousands of years knew that you had to have some release valve on the calendar to flirt with the macabre and let the demons out to roleplay so they wouldn’t come out later for real,” he added.

He further noted that every culture has its own veritable Halloween.

“Mexico has Day of the Dead. Japan has Obon. Haitians have Fête Gede. It’s not a coincidence that Carnival comes right before Lent and Halloween right before All Saints Day, much the way getting blown at a bachelor party comes before the wedding,” he said.

Yet American Gen Z teenyboppers keep complaining year in and year out, mainly because their apparent life philosophy is that “things that are interesting might also contain something which could cause a moment of discomfort, so ban it all,” Maher said.

It’s ironic, he added, considering that back in the day, the uptight ones used to be the adults, not the kids.

“Being irreverent, unclenched, and playful should be the province of the young, but it’s not. Boomers are supposed to be to get off my lawn crowd, but when someone in a problematic costume shows up at your door, it’s literally Gen Z telling them to get off my lawn. Except it’s not even your lawn because you live at your parents’ house,” he said.

Maher concluded the segment by revealing his own costume — that of “an uber-‘woke,’ overly anxious, perpetually offended 20-something” replete with an anti-patriarchy t-shirt, a nose ring, a vape pen, and, of course, a “stick that goes up my ass.”

(Source: Video screenshot)


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