MSNBC pollster ruffled by Gen Z focus group on feminism: ‘There’s a much darker side…’

A far-left pollster on MSNBC was taken aback when a panel of Gen Z teens all expressed negative thoughts about contemporary feminism.

“I think there’s a certain stigma that goes along with being a feminist, at least in my mind — almost this extremist view. I think a lot of labels are viewed as something that’s very extremist,” one panel member, a young woman, told John Della Volpe.

Volpe is the director of polling for the Institute of Politics at Harvard’s Kennedy School.

Another panel member, a young man, suggested the #MeToo movement is no longer relevant.

“Feels like forever ago. I was, I think, a freshman in high school when that took off, all the allegations, I mean I honestly forgot, it feels like forever ago,” he said.

Watch the panel below:

Neither MSNBC nor Volpe seemed pleased by what they’d heard.

“Now it’s not just this apathy to the movement that exists. There’s a much darker side that’s developed over the last five years. Especially with Gen Z males — a total rebellion to any feminist notion whatsoever. And a blossoming of misogynistic content with billions of views,” an unnamed MSNBC contributor said.

As she spoke, video clips of conservative commentator Matt Walsh could be seen being played in the background.

“There are plenty of people who prey, I think on these specifically young men, trying to lure them in to a community where they can feel better, where they can feel some strength, and then that strength turns into a community which has very different view, I think, of what’s right and what’s wrong,” Volpe himself claimed.

“They talk very openly about their views of women, and the rules around rape. It’s OK to rape women of a particular race, as long as they’re within our race, rather than other women,” he added.

It’s not clear who exactly he meant by “they.” He certainly couldn’t have meant Walsh, who’s never once in his life advocated for rape.

Walsh is, however, a fierce critic of feminism, but only because he finds the feminist movement’s arguments of oppression to be extraordinarily weak, particularly in light of the real oppression being experienced worldwide.

The basic premise of contemporary feminism is that women are still being oppressed. But they’re not. Objectively, they’re not.

Plus, critics say that this grievance-laced attitude infantilizes women and robs them of dignity. Some of these critics include women like Ephrat Livni.

Writing for Quartz back in 2018, she wrote, “[T]he law already recognizes my equal rights, and that’s how I live my life, so please catch up if you can. When anyone, man or woman, expects me to operate from a place of weakness, I rebel because it’s wrong and robs me of dignity. Actually, I’m strong, like my mom and all the ladies who taught me about power.”

Critics also say that modern feminism is a man-hating movement predicated on demeaning and stigmatizing everything about masculinity, ergo the focus on calling out so-called “toxic masculinity.”

But these days, so-called “toxic masculinity” refers to essentially any act or emotion coming from a male perspective. Besides being discriminatory, this perspective also neglects to factor in that women themselves sometimes behave toxically.

There is, sadly though not surprisingly, no official definition for toxic femininity, because it for the most part isn’t a term that’s recognized as legitimate.

That said, Urban Dictionary, an unofficial slang dictionary, accurately defines it as “[a]n embodiment of double standards and misandry, that is void of self reflection.”

“Where Third Wave Feminists believe it is OK to behave rudely towards the opposite sex for no reason other than the fact they are male. They condemn what they deem as ‘toxically masculine’ behaviors among men such as competitiveness, love for physical activities, and emotional stoicism,” it reads.

The unofficial definition adds that “ironically,” feminists “see no fault with their” own bad behavior.

Case in point courtesy of hardcore feminist athlete Megan Rapinoe:

These days, it seems a man can’t even say “hello” to a woman without being accused of perpetuating so-called “toxic masculinity.”

Meanwhile, proud feminists like Rapinoe — among many others — treat people like garbage and get away with it, all because contemporary feminism has bamboozled some people into thinking women like her are oppressed …

Vivek Saxena


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