Maher rips ‘grandpa’ Biden mindlessly ‘going along’ with woke Dems: ‘He doesn’t really understand it’

Liberal comedian Bill Maher accused President Joe Biden of acting like an all-accepting, all-forgiving grandfather when dealing with his party’s “woke” wing.

He made the remark while speaking on HBO’s “Real Time” this Friday about the prospect of a centrist party gaining real political clout in America.

“You could have a sensible middle party, and what would happen is it’d force the Democrats to go back to being the sensible middle party. And they would, because they would see,” he said.

But for the time being, however, they’re anything but a sensible party, largely because the president keeps kowtowing to the whims of his party’s radicals.

“I mean, Biden reminds me of some grandfather. And when AOC and the woke people come into his office, he just goes along. He doesn’t really understand it,” Maher said.

“It’s like, grandpa, can we have money to go play Fortnite? And he’s like, yeah, just take it. I don’t know what Fortnite is. I don’t know what TikTok is, just get out of my hair,” the liberal comedian and HBO talk show host added.

Listen to the full discussion below:

The discussion mainly centered on the bombshell news from earlier in the week that former Democrat political candidate Andrew Yang has teamed up with two “Never Trump” Republicans to form a new, ostensibly “centrist” party called Forward.

“Political extremism is ripping our nation apart, and the two major parties have failed to remedy the crisis. … Polarization is fueling a spike in political intimidation. In the past two years, we’ve seen death threats and assassination plots against members of Congress, governors, Supreme Court justices and even the vice president of the United States,” the three wrote in a Washington Post op-ed this week.

“If nothing is done, the United States will not reach its 300th birthday this century in recognizable form. That’s why we are coming together — Democrats, Republicans and independents — to build a new, unifying political party for the majority of Americans who want to move past divisiveness and reject extremism.”

Maher felt that chances of this party succeeding were poor.

“It’s that when a third party starts doing well, one of the other two parties steals what made them popular and adopts it. Ross Perot did pretty well, and I believe the Republicans stole his thunder a little on debt and stuff,” he said.

One of his guests, liberal media journalist Sam Stein, then chimed in.

“I think the problem on the left is there’s this trauma still lingering from Ralph Nader. The idea that a third party would come in, siphon off a couple thousand votes, and you’d have a Florida 2000 redux, is panic fuel for a lot of progressives,” he said.

“You’re more likely to get something in the centrist who would peel off moderate Republicans, but Democrats are fearful of that because they need the people to leave the Republican Party and support them.”

This Maher agreed with.

“It is an interesting dynamic about how much sh-t people are full of. Because it won’t work. People are really more in the middle, and there is this hunger, this thirst for something that isn’t,” he said.

“Yet when push comes to shove and they get in the voting booth, I don’t know whether it’s that the attack ads work on them, or they just think that that party will lose and they don’t want to vote for a loser, but they don’t follow up. They don’t follow up on those convictions.”

To be fair, sometimes they don’t even have a chance to follow up thanks to dirty tricks like this:

Stein responded by suggesting it’s indeed because of the attack ads.

“Political advertisement is geared around creating a whole culture of fear of the opposition. It’s potent, it’s targeted, and it’s persuasive. I do think though that the one caveat is that Joe Biden’s not a radical. He’s just not. And he was put forward as a Democrat nominee precisely because …,” he said before being cut off.

“But he bends to the radicals,” Maher correctly noted.

“Yes, and I think that’s part of what’s been a problem with his presidency,” Stein conceded. “He’s raised these expectations by saying let’s do all this, this $2 trillion spending.”

Maher’s second guest, dissident thinker John McWhorter, then cut in to offer his own theory that maybe a third party could perform well given the current climate.

“Social media makes this all different though. And I think that there’s a possibility that social media could create a furor — a united group of people constantly whipped up to stay together — who are actually in this middle. It would be a matter of branding, but maybe those forces that, for example, kept Perot as a marginal figure, could actually not make a difference this time because of what Twitter, in particular, is like,” he said.

“It really creates a whole new world. It would depend on the branding and the charisma, but I can imagine that maybe it’d be different this time because of these things in our pockets and the way it unites groups together. It can create a new group, in other words,” McWhorter added.

Maher then responded with the previously mentioned prediction about a middle party and the remarks about Biden being like a grandfather.


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