Maher says Biden should have called out both sides during primetime address: ‘Lies on the Democrat side too’

During the latest episode of HBO’s “Real Time,” liberal comedian Bill Maher gently chided President Joe Biden for delivering such a one-sided primetime address the other week.

Though to be fair, the commentary from Maher and his guests was fairly one-sided as well. How so? It contained an endless amount of GOP bashing.

The relevant discussion began with guest Matt Welch, a libertarian commentator, noting that Democrats have also in times past denied the legitimacy of certain elections.

“There are lies on the Democrat side too. … There’s a lot of election denial in the Democrat Party, depending on if you lose. Stacey Abrams was not a gracious loser in the Georgia race a couple of years ago, and she’s revered as a hero on the left, largely,” he correctly observed.

“There’s a lot of political violence in this country on the left. It’s not the same, but it’s worth talking about if those values matter to you,” Welch then added.

Notice what he said about it not being “the same.” This is a common refrain from leftists who refuse to acknowledge that the fringe elements of the left are just as bad as — if not significantly worse than — the fringe elements of the right.

FYI, a leftist lunatic tried to kill conservative Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh just a couple months ago:

Regardless, Maher initially responded to Welch’s commentary by complaining about a “false equivalence.”

“I don’t know why a smart guy like you would go there. Honestly, and as a big fan of you, I just think there’s so many other things. … It is false equivalence. The Republicans are more dangerous,” he said.

For the record, Democrats are the ones who support racial quotas, authoritarian COVID diktats, bail reform, and other policies that pose genuine harm to the American people. They’re also the ones who’ve sought to undermine America’s institutions with talk of packing the Supreme Court and eliminating the filibuster and Electoral College.

“Like please, Al Gore conceded the election. Hillary Clinton got in her purple suit, OK.  That’s just the worst one to fight that on. Maybe Stacey wasn’t as gracious as you should have been. That issue is a …. Republicans own that issue of election denial,” Maher continued.

After his little rant, the liberal comedian and host then finally turned the spotlight back on Democrats, albeit briefly.

Republicans own that issue of election denial … and Democrats have to own all the other the crazy sh-t where, you know, a bodega guy gets attacked and then he’s brought up on charges because he fought back. Go to war on that,” he said.

He was referencing this:

This bakery in Portland that I saw won a big lawsuit this week because they were accused of racism, and they won, I think, $135 million from Oberlin College. Just pick out something,” he added.

There’s something every day that Biden could have picked out and said, ‘And my side has gone too far on this.’ And yes, it wouldn’t be equivalent, but the country could then, the people in the middle and the people who don’t want to feel like you’re just attacking my team would be like, ‘Yes, finally.’ And then he could not have to run again.”

Notice how he repeated Welch’s “false equivalence” line.

The rest of the discussion devolved into another Republican bash-fest.

“The extremists on the left, they want to fire some of my colleagues for making hapless remarks. They want to try and seize social status by acting more virtuous than they are in their everyday lives. And it’s obnoxious and it’s out of touch. But election denial, wanting to move towards a white Christian nationalist nation that’s just f–king out of control,” Maher’s other guest, Scott Galloway, said.

“One is a dumpster fire. The other’s a nuclear mushroom cloud,” he added.

Except Republicans believe Democrats are the nuclear mushroom cloud. In the last few months alone, left-wing extremists have been threatening civil war and vandalizing/attacking pregnancy centers and churches.

In addition, over the summer a left-wing extremist tried to kill Kavanaugh, and last week a Democrat allegedly killed a journalist:

Meanwhile, Democrat politicians have been pushing for the mass release of high-level prison inmates (think murderers and rapists):

It’s not clear whether any of this was covered during the rest of Maher’s show Friday. Probably not.

While Maher does occasionally hit the ball out the park, he’s still a liberal Democrat. And so, just as many feel some Republicans will forever be in denial about the outcome of the 2020 election, it appears he too shall forever be in denial about the deep, deep, deep radicalism of his chosen party …

Vivek Saxena


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