Matteo: The person who cried ‘racism’

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Most reasonable people will agree that judging people based upon race is unreasonable and myopic.  Skin color is merely the paint of our outward appearance, but it reveals little about our interior.  To judge someone solely based on race is the equivalent of buying a car or house because you liked the color they were painted on the outside.  It’s not a very sound basis for judging whether the car or house are functional, nor is it a sound way to judge people.  

Yet, in our society, there is a common idea held by many individuals that race is all that matters or is a significant aspect of what makes us who we are in our societal relationships.  Proponents of everything being racist cry out, “systematic racism” for all things they find inequitable and see white supremacists lurking in every institution.  Their fondness for finding racism in everything they don’t like has created a “boy who cried wolf” situation for people of all races who understand that their obsession with race in all matters is neither accurate nor reasonable.  

In an American Digest article from October 2021 titled: Keeping Track: 100 Racist Things a list of 100 racist things that Tucker Carlson tweeted was listed.  Some of the things on the list included: car insurance, milk, math, science, bitcoin, algorithms, Lucky Charms, nostalgia, Coca-Cola, Star Wars, atheism, babies, highways etc.   Keeping Track: 100 Racist Things (  Rational people look at these kinds of lists and have to really think to figure out how math or nostalgia could possibly be racist, but there is some social justice warrior with the IQ of a spoon that is standing by and ready to make the case of why something and everything is about race.

Ridiculous claims about racism are made by people who would really benefit from real jobs and therapy, and this results in a collective groan from most people when they hear the word “racism” or branding someone a “racist.”   

In addition to the barrage of these claims leading to desensitization, these claims also insult and minimalize actual incidents of racism that occurred in the past.  When great black baseball players were not allowed to play baseball until 1947 and the vile things Jackie Robinson endured as the first black player to play professional baseball; that was racism.  When Emmett Till was tortured and murdered by true white supremacists; that was racism.  When segregation forced people to have separate bathrooms, water fountains and required black people to give up their seats on buses; that was racism.  When innocent people were lynched by true white supremacists; that was racism.  Each of these, and so many other incidents throughout American history, were egregious acts that were based on injustice and true racism.  Perhaps those individuals from the present who find racism in everything could learn from the past and be able to distinguish between murdering a young black man because he was black vs making the claim that the math is racist would realize how absurd their claims sound.  

Racial paranoia has become an inescapable aspect of American society and when pushed into a corner with logic and reason, those woke, uninformed individuals whose arguments lack merit will almost always play the race card.  It’s like the patella reflex of left-wing individuals whose day is not complete until they have created another group of victims.

In the past, going as far back as the abolitionist movement, brave individuals pointed out the evils of slavery and recognized that making a group of people slaves because of the color of their skin was ethically and morally wrong.  People of all races took active roles in fighting racism and some (of all races) were brutalized and murdered for their beliefs.  They fought against racism, but today it’s not good enough to be against racism as we are told that the new standard of racial politics is identifying as an “anti-racist.”  

The notion of being an “anti-racist” was popularized by Ibram Kendi, a man who has made a lot of money from writing and lecturing about racism.  Kendi, of course, relies heavily on racist ideas such as white privilege, an unproven idea that ALL people who have white skin have received benefits because of their skin color.  To generalize that X group has Y benefit based upon race is a textbook example of racism.  Yet, it is these ideas that permeate university classrooms throughout the country and influence future teachers and professors.  These illogical and irrational ideologies have also seeped into high school and elementary curriculums in the guise of critical race theory to create a generation of people who will find racism in all aspects of life because they have been taught that America is an evil nation by so-called educators who have cushy jobs and point fingers at the very society that has given them a very good quality of life.

Today, in many universities, there are areas segregated based upon race, which spits in the face of all those who suffered during the civil rights movement to end segregation.  The wonderful message of Martin Luther King, a man who lost his life fighting for civil rights, who talked about judging people by the content of their character are spat upon by people like Kendi who doesn’t have the courage to debate those who refute what he says.

Drama queens like Alexandria Ocasio Cortez and the rest of the squad are constantly playing the race card, and making up stories about how they were victimized, yet they have no clue about the true face of racism. Their obsession with being victims fits into the woke narrative that seems to glorify victimization and their inability to go through a day without using the word “marginalized” is an indictment of their narrow-minded scope of the world.  Claims of racism are merely convenient talking points that people like AOC and her fellow squad members rely upon heavily because they lack the ability to discern real racism from faux racist claims.  They are also preaching to a choir of ill-educated individuals who truly believe that disagreement is racism and oppression.

Like the main character in the story, “The boy who cried wolf,” constant claims of racism and labeling others as white supremacists has desensitized many Americans to what real racism is and means.  Perhaps those who are responsible for this situation will realize that they are doing more harm than good for their cause, and instead of immediately concluding that all situations are caused by racism they may delve deeper into issues and avoid knee-jerk reactions.  However, this is highly unlikely because pimping racism has created a wealth of money, political power and prestige.


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