Male, 50, identifies as 15-yr-old female, allowed on girls’ swim team, changes in locker rooms with teens

Outrage is brewing over reports that a 50-year-old Canadian man is being allowed to change, shower, and compete with girls.

Why is Nicholas J. Cepeda, who goes by “Melody Wiseheart” and is a York University professor of behavioral science, being allowed to compete against 13- and 14-year-old girls? Because he identifies as a teen girl himself.

Cepeda first made headlines in October when he competed against teen girls in the Richmond Hill Aquatic Centre’s Fall Classic swimming competition at the Markham Pan Am Centre in Unionville, Ontario.

The outrage was somewhat muted at the time.

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Cepeda made headlines again in December when he swam in the Trojan Cup swimming competition in Barrie, Ontario. This time the outrage was far louder and caught the attention of the Toronto Sun.

“Girls from age eight to 16 in a Swimming Canada-sanctioned swim meet in Barrie last week not only found themselves in the same pool as a transgender female swimmer but in the same changeroom, too,” the paper reported on Dec. 7th.

“Parents confirmed that the person in question changed in and out of a swimsuit in the women’s locker room at the East Bayfield Community Centre during the Dec. 1 Trojan Cup,” the reporting continued.

That “person” was none other than Cepeda.

“The girls were terrified,” one parent recalled.

“It’s all so confusing for the kids,” another parent added. “No one is comfortable. Everybody is accepting of all people but them swimming against our kids and being in the locker room with them is not appropriate.”

“We have no idea why it is allowed,” a third parent said. “We know it’s not fair to the girls who are training at their sport and some of whom are hoping for scholarships.”

Yet according to the Toronto Sun, Cepeda has been competing against girls since 2019. And when confronted by the Sun, the provincial governing body for competitive swimming in Ontario defended his participation.

“In partnership with Swimming Canada, Swim Ontario has a robust system of policies, procedures and rules that support our member clubs in providing a competitive experience that is safe, welcoming and inclusive for all participants,” Swim Ontario said.

The group added that they “investigated a concern related to an adult competing against swimmers aged 12-14 during a recent competition hosted by the Richmond Hill Aquatic Club (RHAC)” but concluded “RHAC acted appropriately” in allowing Cepeda to compete.

The group further said “Swimming Canada and Swim Ontario believe swimming is for everyone [and that] people of all shapes, sizes, genders, beliefs and backgrounds should have the opportunity to swim to the best of their ability.”

The only expectation is “that our registrants treat each other with respect and dignity, and keep our sport environment free from harassment and abuse [and] this would include not targeting members of our community based on assumptions about their identity.”

But it gets worse. When the local police were called to the scene by someone from Rebel News, even they bent their knee to the “woke” LGBT mob.

“Barrie Police received a call on Friday, December 1, 2023, at 6:06 pm for a report of an unwanted person at 80 Livingstone St. E.,” the police said in a statement to the Toronto Sun. “Police were later advised that the matter had resolved itself and we did not attend.”

According to a report in the Brampton Guardian, it appears Cepeda has been a pest since at least 2014, the year he “was spotted using the woman’s changeroom at the Caledon Centre for Recreation and Wellness (CCRW)” in Bolton Ontario.

“Another patron using the changeroom wrote a letter to The Caledon Enterprise, and Caledon town council, asking if a transgendered person was using the locker room. According to Cindy Hockham, she was in a state of undress when Wiseheart walked by,” the Brampton Guardian reported at the time.

“But women are at their most vulnerable when they are undressed and to just have a man walk in when I’m undressed is very upsetting,” Hockman reportedly said.

Critics on the social media platform X all agree that what Cepeda is doing is wrong and that he should be jailed, period.


Vivek Saxena


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