Biden vetoes bipartisan bill that would protect US EV industry from China

President Joe Biden vetoed a congressional resolution that would have blocked a waiver of “Buy America” requirements for his plan to spend $7.5 billion of taxpayer money on EV charging stations.

On Wednesday, the geriatric left-wing Democrat stomped on the measure that was sponsored by Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) that would have overturned the “Waiver of Buy America Requirements for Electric Vehicle Chargers” that was established by the Department of Transportation (DOT) last year.

Republican critics have argued that the waiver would hurt American companies while empowering America’s adversaries, especially communist China.

“If enacted, this resolution would harm my Administration’s efforts to encourage investment in critical industries and bring high-quality jobs back to the United States,” Biden said in a statement on his veto of S.J.Res. 38. “It would not only thwart the collective goal of the Congress and the Administration to establish a domestic EV charger manufacturing industry, but it would also delay the significant progress being made by my Administration and the States in establishing the EV charging network.”

“Establishing resilient supply chains is critical to our national economic and energy security, and my Administration will not support policies that would undermine efforts to bring this critical manufacturing back to the United States,” Biden said. “Therefore, I am vetoing this resolution.”

The resolution was passed by the Senate in November with bipartisan support as Sens. Joe Manchin (D-WV), Sherrod Brown (D-OH) and Kyrsten Sinema (I-AZ) joining Republicans in the 50-48 total. Earlier this month, the House passed the bill by 209-198 also with bipartisan support.

“President Biden promised to veto my bill requiring EV chargers to be made in America, not China,” Sen. Rubio wrote on X, formerly Twitter. “Why is he sending American taxpayer dollars to Chinese companies?”

“The bottom line is this: if we’re going to spend $5 billion of taxpayer money to build electric vehicle charging stations for the United States, it should be made by Americans in America using American products,” Rubio said in a November floor speech.

“There is absolutely no sane reason to funnel taxpayer dollars to Chinese companies,” the Florida Republican said. “President Biden should act in the interest of the American people, follow the bipartisan wishes of Congress and stop favoring foreign industry.”

Biden’s waiver of the Buy America requirements empower our foreign adversaries like Communist China by pouring hard-earned American taxpayer dollars into foreign markets,” Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-NY) said in a statement earlier this month. “Joe Biden and his America Last agenda would sooner invest taxpayer money into Communist Chinese EV chargers than American-made products. The Buy America provision is meant to support American businesses and bolster U.S. manufacturers, neither of which this pro-Communist China Administration is interested in.”

The Senate is expected to attempt to override the veto but would need a two-thirds majority, a virtual impossibility given the rock-solid Democrat support of Biden’s radical climate agenda in the upper chamber that’s controlled by his party.

Biden’s veto came on the day that he landed the endorsement of United Auto Workers, a feather in the cap for “Union Joe” as he seeks another four years to lock down his Green New Deal policies.

Chris Donaldson


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