Man charged with sucker punching random woman on NYC street is a real piece of work!

An unhinged, violent fringe political candidate who ran for mayor, governor, and City Council in the past three years allegedly sucker-punched a female TikTok influencer in New York City and has been arrested for it.

A black man named Skiboky Stora, 40, who is from East New York, was charged with assault on Wednesday after he randomly sucker-punched Halley Kate, according to the NYPD. The TikTok influencer made a video detailing the attack to her 1.1 million followers after being punched in the face allegedly by Stora as she walked around in Chelsea on Monday.

“The suspect was set to appear in Manhattan court on Wednesday morning for a previous arrest, court dockets show. He is a frequent candidate for elected office and performing artist who records rap music under the name Designer Attitude,” the New York Post reported.

“In a music video posted to his Facebook page, Stora is seen punching the air while boasting of his wealth and status as a comic book-style ‘Pow’ graphic jumps onto the screen,” the media outlet added.

A number of other women stepped forward to say men had punched them in Manhattan as Kate’s video went viral with more than 41 million views.

Police have not commented if Stora was a suspect in any of the other punching incidents.

“Kate posted a clip on Tuesday in which she praised New York for ‘giving me everything I’m grateful for,’ and said she believed her attack was an isolated incident,” the New York Post wrote.

“I am not here to argue that New York City can be really scary at times, but I have lived here for six years, and I have not had anything even remotely similar happen,” she claimed.

Kate also remarked that she believes TikTok’s algorithm boosted other women’s stories about being punched, but she did not believe those incidents were related to hers.

“From listening to a lot of those girl’s videos it didn’t really sound like it was the same person. I think it might just be a somewhat common thing that happens in big cities,” she asserted and stated that she was now “more aware of her surroundings.”

“But I don’t want it to seem like 13 girls got punched in the face yesterday, and if you come to New York City, you’re for sure going to get punched in the face,” Kate insisted.

Stora comes off as a wackadoodle. He made an unsuccessful bid in District 9 for the City Council last year but lost to Democrat Yusef Salaam, who was “falsely convicted of raping a white woman in Central Park in 1989 along with four other black teens,” according to the New York Post.

According to Ballotpedia, he ran on the Freedom Party ticket but didn’t land a spot on the ballot. Stora seems to bounce from party to party after he’s rejected.

“In 2022, he was a ‘withdrawn or disqualified’ Republican gubernatorial candidate, the site said. Lee Zeldin eventually won the party’s nomination and lost to Democratic incumbent Gov. Kathy Hochul,” the New York Post reported.

Stora appears to be dangerously unbalanced. Earlier in March, he stood in front of a Trump banner on Instagram and extolled the virtues of black men.

(Video Credit: Skiboky!)

“During a mayoral debate for fringe candidates hosted by Gotham Gazette in 2021, Stora, running under the Out Lawbreaker Party ticket, recounted how he had been shot while living in a homeless shelter in 2005,” the New York Post continued.

“He later unsuccessfully sued the Department of Homeless Services and a security contractor for failing to prevent the suspect from climbing over the wall of the facility and opening fire at him, according to City Limits,” the media outlet said.

“The main thing the Mayor Skiboky administration would be known for is people in certain positions being held accountable,” the candidate stated during a debate.

(Video Credit: MNN NYC)

The suspect also appears to be an equal-opportunity hater of all sides. While some of his sentiments make basic sense, his message is detached and unhinged.

“You know, you know, little kids is being gunned down in New York every single day. No, where the cops them at? You know, it doesn’t take a science rocket with titles and degrees to know that the city is corrupted,” he charged.

“Stora, who says online that he is the great-great-grandson of Marcus Garvey, the Jamaican political activist, notched 264 votes in the general election, falling more than 750,000 votes shy of Democrat Eric Adams, Ballotpedia noted,” the New York Post concluded tongue-in-cheek.


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