Man using walker to get around steals $11K worth of cigarettes at Walgreens, and he got away!

In a scene that calls to mind the movie Going In Style, which starred Michael Caine, Morgan Freeman, and Alan Arkin as three retirees hatching a plot to rob a bank, an elderly man with a walker is wanted in the state of Delaware for stealing a staggering $11,000 worth of cigarettes.

The Delaware State Police have turned to the public for assistance in apprehending the culprit. The crime, a daring theft, occurred on Saturday at a Walgreens drug store in Wilmington.

Police shared snapshots of surveillance camera footage showing a man wearing a red shirt, red shorts, and red shoes walking with the aid of a walker while in the store. The department apparently also has jokes: “If you have tips, light up our lines.”

The jokes continued on the department’s Facebook page, as well: “Your tip could be the match that lights up this case!”

Turns out, the police are not the only ones with jokes — here’s a quick sampling of responses to the story, as seen on the social media platform X:

Tom Tillison


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