Optimistic Republicans want stopgap spending bill into 2025 to avoid lame duck Dem bill

Republican senators emerged from a meeting late last week with presumptive 2024 GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump feeling optimistic about their chances in November.

So much so that Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT) is saying that the next stopgap spending bill due in September should extend well into 2025, when the GOP may control the White House and the Senate.

“I do happen to believe that the continuing resolution that we ought to be looking at come September 30th, when our current spending bills run out of steam, is a spending bill that I think should take us into 2025, probably into March or April of 2025,” Lee told Fox News Digital recently.

The strategic move would prevent “the possibility of a lame duck omnibus” bill crafted by the Democrat-controlled Senate under the Biden administration, the senator said.

Of course, the GOP controls the House, and any such omnibus would have to draw Republican support to pass. Yet, as history has proven, the party lacks the stones to take a real stand and simply shut down the federal government until Democrats agree to reason. While the media would grill GOP leaders, the odds are very favorable that the party base would elevate them to hero status.

Lee said that if his proposed spending bill is passed the next appropriations bill would be “put in place, probably after some pretty significant Republican victories… that will lead to Republicans having control of the Senate next year.”

Then again, the cynical among us will recall the Great Red Wave of 2022, which turned into a ripple that crashed into an unexpected Blue Wall. For the record, the last time Congress passed an actual 12-month budget, as opposed to a series of continual resolutions, was in 1996 under Republican speaker Newt Gingrich.

Sen. Roger Marshall (R-KS) has been vocal about the need to return to a process of regular order when it comes to appropriations and is “absolutely” with Lee, according to Fox News, saying his proposal “makes sense to me.”

“Anything other than a continuing resolution—folks up here are going to increase the spending,” the fiscal hawk said.

“Then, we need a commitment when we come back here to go through some type of regular order on the budget process and then work really hard on being ready for budget reconciliation, assuming we win all three levers,” Marshall added.

Of course, when you assume, you run the risk of making an ass out of u and me.”

Tom Tillison


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