Manhunt for ex-cop suspected of rape, murder and kidnapping of 1-yr-old after shots fired near school

An AMBER Alert, two alleged murders and multiple rape charges put an ex-cop “considered armed and dangerous” at the center of a manhunt in Washington after shots were fired at an elementary school.

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A shooting investigation at William Wiley Elementary in Richland, Washington marked former Yakima Police Officer Elias Huizar, 39, as a person of interest for that and more after shots were fired outside the school Monday afternoon.

With a victim identified as the man’s ex-wife, Amber Rodriguez, and a second victim discovered at the man’s home during the execution of a search warrant, West Richland Police later issued an AMBER Alert after it was believed that Huizar had abducted his one-year-old son, allegedly fathered through rape of his underage girlfriend.

According to a report from the Tri-City Herald, shots were heard fired outside the school as children were being dismissed Monday, the same day that the ex-cop was due in court to face the second-degree rape charges of a minor incapable of consent and third-degree rape of a child.

The AMBER Alert issued Monday suggested that Huizar, a former resource officer for the Richland School District, was “suspected of murdering his ex-wife and girlfriend,” could have potentially headed toward Mexico and was to be “considered armed and dangerous.”

As West Richland Police reported that the infant was last seen in a 2009 silver Toyota Corolla, an update Tuesday morning indicated that the ex-cop may have made his way to Portland, Oregon and had potentially switched vehicles.

“Portland PD has advised West Richland PD that Huizar was seen in Portland, Oregon overnight, possibly driving a black sedan. All resources are following up on this lead,” read a brief statement. “We will release additional information as it is confirmed.”

Huizar had been arrested Feb. 3 and accused of raping a teenager in his own home. Court documents detailed how investigators said the man allegedly sexually assaulted the unconscious friend of his minor girlfriend after providing alcohol to the underage girls.

Part of the investigation sought to determine whether or not the girlfriend was of legal age when Huizar impregnated her.

Reaction to the sound of gunfire Monday where Rodriguez worked as a paraeducator came from a West Richland resident who told the Herald he heard four to five shots from his backyard. “I thought it was someone hitting something with a hammer. It didn’t sound like a gun. Then a woman came flying out here before the cops even got here and started screaming that someone was shot.”

In addition to his infant son with the girlfriend, Huizar was reported to have fathered two children with his ex-wife who, upon the rape allegations, had filed to modify their custody agreement and requested a protection order believing that the ex-cop was potentially a threat to her and the children.

Kevin Haggerty


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