Auschwitz survivor warns unchecked campus antisemitism will spread like ‘cancer’: ‘It’s killing our country’

Auschwitz survivor and author Tova Friedman is horrified over the growing anti-Israel protests taking place on campuses.

“Holocaust survivor Tova Friedman’s Auschwitz prisoner tattoo is still visible to this day, serving as a ‘never again’ reminder as her Jewish grandchildren face a modern wave of antisemitism,” Fox News reported.

Friedman spoke with the media outlet on Tuesday about the growing antisemitic protests that have occurred on college campuses since the Oct. 7 attacks by the terrorist group Hamas against Israel. Over 1,200 were slaughtered and hundreds were taken hostage by Hamas that day. Instead of supporting Israel in fighting back against the butchers who attacked them, many college students in America are so radicalized by leftists that they actually blamed Israel for the atrocities committed that day.

“It’s like a cancer. If you don’t stop it early, it metastasizes. It’s going to kill the body. It’s killing our country,” she bluntly asserted.

(Video Credit: Fox News)

“It is shocking! It is utterly shocking! You know, when I walked out of Auschwitz with my mother, walking through these gates, and I thought — I was six and a half, and I was a very adult six and a half, not like a child, you know? And I said I will never, never have anybody call me a dirty Jew or anything else again. I am free now,” Friedman noted.

“When I came to America at eleven-and-a-half, it’s like I came to the Promised Land, and it was just a fabulous experience. And here it is today. I am shocked, I am pained, I’m scared. I’m scared both for America, I’m scared for the Jews, and it’s very painful for our young people,” the Holocaust survivor commented.

She showed Fox & Friends co-host Ainsley Earhardt her tattooed ID number and warned of the evils that occurred in Nazi, Germany.

“I was a number,” she recounted. “They told me I don’t have a name. This is my name, and the name was very long – 27,633.”

“I have two children, two grandchildren in WashU and one in Cornell, and they’re scared, and I just can’t imagine living through this. I was too young,” Friedman said.

Columbia University caved to the radical Left this week and went to virtual classes after days of pro-Palestinian protests taking place on its campus. Over 100 protesters were arrested at Columbia including “Squad” member Rep. Ilhan Omar’s daughter. Over 150 were arrested at NYU as well.

Friedman did not sugarcoat it, telling Earhardt, “I just want to say that if this isn’t contained and if they don’t think about it, what is going to be the end product? What is the end product of any hatred and prejudice? It is death to somebody. Could be death to themselves. Death to their opponents. Because we didn’t stop Hitler.”

“That type of behavior and anger and hatred can only end up in tragedy. Tragedy for everybody. Not only tragedy for the Jews, God forbid, tragedy for themselves, which is — it’s going to be a terrible clash. We have to find a way to stop it,” she urged.


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