Marco Rubio ruffles Dem feathers with blunt remark on why he won’t be attending Biden’s SOTU

Florida Sen. Marco Rubio (R) confirmed that he will not be attending President Biden’s first State of the Union (SOTU) address after stating he was “done with all that theatre.”

Last week on an appearance of “Spicer & Co.” on Newsmax, Rubio reiterated his stance the policies President Biden’s administration had put in place for the upcoming SOTU were “rituals” and not reflective of reality with regard to the current state of the COVID pandemic.

“It’s an absurd theatre…which has become a disease of its own,” Rubio said before reminding that it was no longer Spring 2020 and a lot more is known about the virus than there was at the onset. The conversation was directly related to a Feb 17 post where Rubio shared the announcement about the SOTU protocols.

Since that announcement, the CDC has eased their masking guidance and Capitol physician Brian Monahan cleared the congressional chambers for lifting their mask policy as well, Axios reported.

Despite that change, Rubio went on the record saying he still refuses to attend. Huffington Post reporter Igor Bobic shared the senator’s statement, but the reason is not as defiant as his original stance.

“I don’t have time to go take a COVID test today,” Rubio said. “I only take a test if I’m sick.”

Now, Rubio had expressed his views as recently as Friday when he appeared at the Conservative Political Action Conference in Orlando, FL, that he felt the rigamarole of COVID protocols was suffusing our society with Marxism.

“You’ve got to show them I’m vaccinated, I took a test yesterday, they took my temperature, you know, all this stuff,” Rubio explained. “This is, what’s happening now in America, is what happens after 20 years of infusing this Marxist thought process into every aspect of our lives and now we’ve come face-to-face with it.”

His scheduling concern earned him some public shaming across social media.

Rubio wasn’t the only member of Congress to cast doubts on their attendance for Tuesday night. Sen. Rick Scott (R-FL) objected to the nature of the presentation and his desire to call out Biden on lies during the speech when he spoke with New Talk 101.

“Nothing good is going to happen,” Scoot said. “Is Biden going to say, ‘Now I’m going to secure the border?’ Is he going to say, ‘Now I’m going to get tough on China, tough on Russia?'”

Scott continued suggesting he doubted Biden would steer toward priorities like energy independence or fixing the economy. “I don’t want to feel so obligated to stand up and say, ‘That’s a lie.’ Because that’s what you feel like. What you feel like when you’re listening…is like ‘that’s not true’ and ‘that’s not true.'”

“…why do it?” Scott concluded, though he admitted that he was going to make his decision the day of the event.

Rep. Chip Roy (R-TX) has stood firmer on his stance regarding the SOTU and went further than to declare he would not be attending. Following news that a fence would be reinstalled around the Capitol leading up to the address, Roy called on Republicans to visit the border instead.

Kevin Haggerty


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