Marjorie Taylor Greene slams GOP for ignoring Big Tech Censorship: ‘What are Republicans even for?’

In a Tuesday tweet, outspoken Republican Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene asked a simple question: “If Republicans can’t stop Big Tech Censorship, then what can Republicans even do?”

It’s a good question. An important question — especially if you know who’s behind the “Wrongthink Police” that are “fact-checking” every news story and online discussion that goes against the accepted, official narrative.

And that’s why Liberal Twitter couldn’t let her tweet go without launching an army of trolls and virtue-signaling users to smear Greene yet again.

“Big Tech has gone way past censoring political opinions they don’t like, it’s silencing truth,” Greene stated. “If we can’t fight to protect truth then what else it left? And what are Republicans even for?”

Many of the responses cheer on censorship, as long as the person being censored is someone they don’t like.

Many have pointed to the fact that Greene’s personal Twitter account has been suspended, not realizing that their righteous “own” merely helps to make Greene’s point.

But the bigger, more distressing point is how willing Greene’s detractors are to abandon the First Amendment if a Twitter agreement says it’s okay to do so.

“Censorship is when the government restricts the right to free speech of the people,” tweeted a user who goes by the name “Caring.”

“Now pay attention,” Caring instructs Greene, “sign up services are not the government. They have rules and if you break them, you don’t get to use the service. And you agree to the rules when you sign up.”

Ahh… the rules.

Like Twitter’s policy on “COVID-19 misleading information,” which states, “Content that is demonstrably false or misleading and may lead to significant risk of harm (such as increased exposure to the virus, or adverse effects on public health systems) may not be shared on Twitter.”

Or take Twitter’s “Civic integrity policy,” which states: “You may not use Twitter’s services for the purpose of manipulating or interfering in elections or other civic processes” and vows to “label and reduce the visibility of Tweets containing false or misleading information about civic processes in order to provide additional context.”

Now pay attention, Caring, because, guess what?

In a very real way, it actually is the government.

If you wonder how Twitter determines what is an isn’t misinformation, look no further than NewsGuard, a Big Tech baseball bat for anyone that doesn’t tow the Globalist line.

NewsGuard markets itself as a warrior for Truth, offering “online safety for readers, brands, and democracies.”

Using its own trained journalists, NewsGuard rates news sources, and either gives them a green check or a red check to denote how trustworthiness of  the site. It also provides a “Nutrition Label” review “explaining who is behind the site, what kind of content it publishes, and why it received its rating.”

Red checks get news outlets such as this one deplatformed. Advertisers are told by NewsGuard which sites they should pour money into and which they should avoid, effectively crushing a red-checked site’s revenue stream in their handy monthly newsletter called the “Misinformation Monitor.”

And on Twitter, NewsGuard tracks “Misinformation ‘Super-spreaders.'”

“Today, we’re adding to our data a new set of data focused not on individual websites or false stories, but on the Twitter accounts that repeat, share, and amplify these myths — from false cures to conspiracy theories about the virus,” NewsGuard announced in 2020.

It then blasted ten high-profile Twitter accounts, including Bill Mitchell, “Deep State Exposed,” and David Icke for spreading fake news.

Of the ten accounts named, 8 have been subsequently suspended from the platform.

See, what Caring doesn’t realize is that NewsGuard has some pretty big partners.

These fact-checkers Twitter relies upon to silence people like Marjorie Taylor Greene is partnered with the U.S. State Department, the Department of Defense, and the World Economic Forum (WEF).

And they don’t just stop at slamming people for pushing Vitamin D or saying the election was fraudulent.

Nope, NewsGuard is bringing its brand of truth to the world’s children, ensuring that education is free of any dissenting thought.

And election integrity? Don’t worry. NewsGuard is on it.

They’ve partnered with Neuvote, an online voting company, to “protect voters and political candidates from misinformation.”

So, just to recap, the fight against Big Tech censorship isn’t between Marjorie Taylor Greene and a bunch of truth-seeking journalists.

It’s between the highest levels of the world’s self-proclaimed Globalists and those who think Free Speech should remain a viable thing.

Which brings this article full circle, because if the GOP won’t stand up and loudly, publicly expose and fight against agencies such a NewsGuard, then truly, what are Republicans even for?


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