Mark Levin offers EPIC take on why Gov. DeSantis is correct in taking on Disney

Conservative radio and TV show host Mark Levin published a Rumble video this weekend in which he explained exactly why Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis is correct to keep attacking Disney.

“A corporation’s job is to make money, to make products, to do services for people. Their job is not to try and replace the elected representatives of a state. So when you hear people say that DeSantis is not a conservative because he’s trying to tell the private sector what to do, it’s the other way around. These are state entities: public schools, the legislatures, and so forth,” Levin began.


He was referencing the Parental Rights in Education bill signed by DeSantis. The latest version of the bill bans public schools from speaking to children in all grades K-12 about sexual orientation or gender identity.

When the original version of the Parental Rights in Education bill was signed into law last year, Disney began lobbying against it. That is what angered DeSantis — a private business involving itself in public matters.

“If private entities, corporatists who are completely ‘woke,’ almost all Democrats and leftists, are going to use the resources, their grant power, like Zuckerberg did in Philadelphia and other cities and states with his $417 million, and if you’re going to try and influence the outcome of elections, and if you’re going to try and influence the culture in a way that the people have not elected their representatives to do, then DeSantis will stand up to it the way Trump did,” Levin noted.

“Asa Hutchinson will not and did not in Arkansas. Chris Christie will not and did not in New Jersey. Chris Sununu will not and did not in New Hampshire,” he added, naming several current and former ostensibly Republican governors.

He continued by arguing that this mindset by them, particularly Christie — this belief that it’s better to do nothing at all — is not true conservativism.

“To then claim the conservative mantle is one that stands by while the Marxist left destroys our culture, destroys our classrooms, destroys our children, sexualizes them in elementary school, turns one race against another with critical race theory, this Marxist ideology, and so forth and so on, that’s not conservatism. We’re talking about government institutions, being influenced by corporations,” he said.

More specifically, he continued, he’s talking about a corporation that’s spent years abusing its power.

“Disney’s had a a good run for half a century. Basically, Disney was able to create its own city with its own firefighters, its own police force, its own tax base. Florida had no say. They had their own garbage service. Everything. Zoning was decided by Disney. They didn’t even have all the state environmental rules apply. The zoning rules apply. If they wanted to build something in a park, they just did it,” Levin remarked.

“No other corporation in Florida, no other corporation in any state in America had that kind of authority. So DeSantis looks at this and he says, What the hell? Isn’t it time to fix this? Here you are, a California-based corporation, you’re making a fortune off our state and our people and the people who visit.”

And worse, they’re “trying to push sexualization of our children in the schools against the wishes of the elected representatives.”

“You’re also pushing critical race theory. You’re pushing DEI and ESG while we’re trying to fight it? The culture war, the battle. Well, we shouldn’t continue to subsidize with taxpayer monies this corporation like no other corporation on the planet,” Levin concluded.

Levin’s remarks come days after DeSantis imposed new penalities against Disney.

“DeSantis said he has authorized state agencies to increase regulatory oversight of Disney operations, such as the monorail system and amusement rides. He suggested the DeSantis-controlled oversight board could sell the Disney-run utility and negotiate with the state to use the company’s land for other purposes,” the Tampa Bay Times reported.

“Maybe create a state park, maybe try to do more amusement parks. Someone even said like, maybe you need another state prison. Who knows? I mean, I just think that the possibilities are endless,” the governor reportedly said.

The governor also signaled the arrival of new legislation.

“The proposed legislation, which is expected to be released later this week, will take the governor’s fight to a new level by declaring the development agreements no longer lawful in Florida and potentially ordering the company to do what the state wants with its property,” according to the Times.


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