Matt Walsh accuses Fox News of pushing trans propaganda on employees for Pride Month

Political commentator Matt Walsh claims to have obtained internal documents from Fox News employees that show plans for celebrating Pride Month which include reading about “glory holes,” supporting a group that provides sterilizing hormones to homeless youth, and using woke AI to monitor staff.

In a long and detailed Twitter thread, Walsh lays out those plans which were ostensibly produced by Fox Corp., the parent company of Fox News. The materials were allegedly presented to Fox News employees when they logged into their employee portal.

At the very top of the thread is the assertion that Fox News promotes the Trevor Project which claims to focus on suicide prevention efforts among lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and questioning youth. But it also allegedly links young gay people to older ones in the LGBTQ community.

“Under the heading ‘Support One Another,’ Fox encourages employees to donate to @TrevorProject, @AliForneyCenter, and @LALGBTCenter,” Walsh wrote, kicking off the extensive thread.

Walsh then points out, “The Trevor Project, which Fox says is devoted to helping ‘LGBTQ young people,’ hosts a sexually explicit chat room that connects children as young as 13 years old with ‘LGBT’ adults,” backing up the allegation with a link to the New York Post.

He then goes on to show the network’s support for the Ali Forney Center and the Los Angeles LGBT Center.

“The Ali Forney Center, which Fox praises for rescuing ‘homeless LGBT youth,’ appears to admit (on Twitter and its website) that it injects these homeless young people with cross-sex hormones, which are known to cause sterilization,” Walsh notes.

“The Los Angeles LGBT Center, which Fox calls ‘unstoppable,’ has posted a video of a mother ‘surprising’ her ‘trans daughter’ with the child’s first dose of hormones. YouTube removed the footage for terms of service violations, but a screenshot is still on Twitter,” he continued.

Walsh delves into a book recommended to employees called “Fairest” which is reportedly “about a precocious boy … who would grow up to become a woman.” The book has a section that recounts what a “glory hole” is used for.

The conservative pundit goes on to cover another book recommended by Fox News that calls America a “genocidal empire” and promotes gay erotica.

Fox News also allegedly promoted a book with a gay unicorn in it for kids.

Walsh contends that on the employee portal, Fox News recommended certain podcasts dealing with the gay community and promoted attending Ben & Jerry’s “powered” Pride event at the New York headquarters of Fox News.

Then there is the conservative commentator’s allegation that Fox News is using AI to monitor its employee’s commitment to DEI.

The “indoctrination” seems to be taking hold at the network, according to Walsh.

Walsh then called out Fox News executives over the Pride Month push at the network.

Walsh airs a long list of concerns and questions that he wants Fox News to answer. With these purported plans seeing daylight, Fox News will also need to explain them to its viewership.

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