Matteo: Executive Order Forgiveness Act illustrates Biden’s ‘ridiculous’ policies

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WARNING: Extreme Sarcasm Alert — The following article is a parody to illustrate the ridiculous nature of President Biden’s policies, especially his student debt forgiveness, which, in reality, is actually a student loan debt transfer to taxpayers.

In an attempt to secure senior voter support for Democrats in the midterm election, President Biden issued a new executive order which is known as the Executive Order Forgiveness Act.

The purpose of this act will be to compensate senior citizens whose retirement accounts have been devastated by the president’s economic policies and previous executive orders. Under the plan, all seniors who have suffered losses in their retirement account(s) will be compensated for these losses, however, under the plan, the money they receive will be taxed at a tax rate of 100%.  Woke millennial and generation Z pundits have criticized the plan because they say it is unfair for younger taxpayers to foot the bill for baby boomers because it was the boomers’ choice to invest in their future and put money into retirement accounts.

While impatiently waiting for a train outside of a Subway Sandwich Shop, Alexandria Ocasio Cortez said, “I’ve been waiting here for 4 hours, but no train has come by, so something must be done.” Treasury Secretary, Janet Yellen wholeheartedly supports the president’s plan to purchase seniors’ votes with taxpayer dollars and commented, “We’re 30 trillion in debt, what’s another few trillion?  We can just print more money.”

The Biden Administration has refused any culpability in the inflation that has impacted many Americans and insists that the economy identifies as strong, despite all indications to the contrary. The president has insisted that the fault in all of the economic woes for the country are because he used former president Trump’s pens to sign all the executive orders, so the blame should be placed on Trump.

Karine Jean-Pierre, when questioned by Fox News’ Peter Doocy, said the president is aware that Americans have suffered, but the administration is dedicated to redefining words that describe the loss of American incomes to make them feel better about losing money and promises to soften financial losses with rhetoric.

When asked to comment on the plan, Speaker of the House Pelosi said that as long as the president is forgiving debts he’ll consider a plan for forgiving bar tab debts, which would impact her household significantly. The Speaker then announced she will be going to Walt Disney World to support its fight against Governor Ron DeSantis whose feud over Disney’s support for wokeness has caused a lot of tension in the sunshine state, and she double-dared DeSantis to do something about it.

Vice President Kamala Harris laughed when she heard of the plan and said, “Reducing the debts of debtors is a debt we all owe to everyone in debt.” Harris was on her way to meet Ocasio-Cortez at the Subway Sandwich Shop to wait for a train.

Ardent Critical Race Theory supporter, Ibram Kendi, had this to say about the executive order debt forgiveness plan: “It is a racist policy and its roots are in white supremacy and systemic racism. I have no debt because I get paid a lot of money for speaking engagements in school districts and by corporations run by white liberals who need to purge their white guilt, and pay me for the privilege of doing that for them. You cannot be a debtor; you need to be an anti-debtor.”

President Biden has pledged to create a task force that will study all of these issues. It will be known as DEI (Debt, Economics and Insanity) and it will be headed by the deposed former almost head of the Disinformation Governance Board, Nina Jankowicz because she needs a job and she has a lovely singing voice.

Attorney General Merrick Garland has pledged his support for anything President Biden wants to do and has pledged the support of all government agencies under his control to investigate, raid and go through the underwear drawers of anyone who criticizes Biden’s policies.

The article above is, of course, satirical because as Mel Brooks always said, the best way to expose stupidity and hypocrisy is to satirize it. I agree.

America has experienced some very poor presidents who have hurt the country. It is my personal belief that no president has hurt America as much as Joe Biden, especially given his short tenure as president. His cabinet is a freak show of incompetent people who are poster children for the failure of identity politics. His executive orders have taken a healthy economy and made it sick and the average American has suffered with a man who hasn’t even been the president for 2 full years.

Internationally, America is not seen as a world leader, but as a country run by a senile old man, a vice president who is a blithering idiot who can’t put together a sentence that makes sense, and its Speaker of the House is a self-serving, trouble-making hypocrite who isn’t content with causing problems for Americans, but believes it’s her jurisdiction to cause international incidents by sticking her nose where it doesn’t belong.

At this point in time, the only ones benefitting from the Biden presidency are comedians because there is such a wealth of comedic material provided by this group of malcontent deviants. Sadly though, most Americans find it hard to laugh when they look in their wallets, check their investment accounts and see that their tax dollars are being used to buy votes of young people whose minds have been indoctrinated by a taxpayer-funded educational system that has convinced them that men can get pregnant, everyone who isn’t a straight, white male is an oppressor and people should be judged by the content of their melanin as opposed to the content of their character; a fact that is denied by the woke.


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