Matteo: The divided States of America

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Each day that goes by, one only needs to look around the American landscape and realize that, sadly, America will never be a united country again and as the chasm becomes deeper and deeper unity appears to be an unattainable goal for a nation that has become so polarized.

There have always been periods of American history when people have been divided about important political and social issues. This includes Federalists vs Anti-Federalists who debated the importance of the necessity for a Bill of Rights.  It includes violence between abolitionists vs pro slavers, which took a civil war to decide.  There was a time when populist nativists argued against allowing legal immigrants into the country, despite the fact that all Americans were the descendants of immigrants.  Suffragettes fought for women’s right to vote despite many individuals who believed women should be denied this right, and there have been many other issues that have caused Americans to side with one group or another.  However, in America today there are numerous issues that appear inconsequential when compared to the debates of the past, yet the myriad of issues has achieved such an overwhelming division among Americans that it has led to what amounts to two Americas.

Given the geographical boundaries and variety of red and blue states, it would be impossible to create two separate nations, but imagine an America that could be divided with one side being Red America and the other side being Blue America, and people could choose to live in either one based upon the politics supported by liberals and conservatives.  Many Americans have already made choices based on their political views as people from blue states like New York and California have migrated to red states like Texas and Florida.

Red America would simply be an America dedicated to supporting the Constitution.  It would involve an America dedicated to merit as a way to reward people for hard work, and people who have demonstrated extreme proficiency in different fields would reap societal rewards.  Students would be educated to acknowledge historical wrongdoings without any blame being assigned to anyone alive today, and with the hope that we can all respect one another and live in a peaceful and prosperous country where everyone has a chance to attain the American Dream.  Red America would build upon the principles and foundation set forth by great Americans who helped the country become an independent nation, prosper, win world wars and become a super power and global leader.   So what would Blue America be like?

BLUE AMERICA (aka The State of Insanity)

In Blue America, the Constitution would be replaced by the Communist Manifesto.

Socialism would replace capitalism and diversity, equity and inclusion would become the national motto.

In Marx We Trust would be printed on the money, which would have the faces of Barack Obama, Oprah Winfrey, George Soros, Angela Davis and Rue Paul on each denomination of money.

Marginalized groups (everyone except straight white males) would receive preferential treatment, reparations and any benefit deemed reasonable by those who believe being Caucasian is a crime; whites who remain in Blue America would be forced to undergo countless hours of DEI training and would only receive their citizenship card when they have “unpacked” their invisible knapsacks of white privilege.

All schools from preschool to high school, will teach CRT, the 1619 Project, despite all of the proven inaccuracies of both and white children will be taught their ancestors were oppressors, while black children will be taught that their ancestors were the oppressed.

The major industry in Blue America would be “gender reaffirming care clinics” because there is a lot of money to be made by convincing young children to alter their genitalia.

Sexually explicit reading materials would be made available in all elementary, middle and high school libraries.

Children would be encouraged to make life altering decisions, which would be kept secret from their parents.

It will be a criminal offense to misgender someone and this will be punishable by prison or by being forced to listen to the speeches of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez as well as reruns of The View.

Shoplifting and drug use will not only be legalized but encouraged.

Any speech that does not tow the party line of Blue America will be considered to be “hate” speech and those committing this crime will be subject to jail time.

Citizens will be forced to learn a list of microaggressions, which will be considered misdemeanors and punishable by heavy fines and public humiliation or by being forced to listen to the speeches of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez as well as reruns of The View. .

Statues of John Money (gender theorist), Alfred Kinsey (sexologist) Howard Zin (revisionist history writer and vocal critic of America), George Floyd, Karl Marx, Che Guevara, Ibram Kendi and any other extremist who the left glorifies will be erected in city parks, which is where most people will be living.

To qualify as a public school teacher, one must be a drag queen or someone transitioning.

Each year new genders will be discovered and added to state approved dictionaries.

Tampax will be placed in all restrooms, and there will be no such things as men or women’s restrooms.

Men who claim to be women will be encouraged to compete in all sports that were once considered women’s sports.

The Statue of Liberty will be replaced by the Statue of Anarchy and will show a trans-woman with her foot on the throat of a Caucasian male who is yearning to breathe free.  Its inscription will read as follows: Give us your cartel members, sex traffickers, and gang members yearning to be free from criminal prosecution.

The national bird for Blue America will be Dylan Mulvaney.

All students of color will receive free tuition at state run colleges, and admission requirements will be a blood test to require a person’s melanin content.

The national anthem will be the theme song from Looney Tunes Cartoons with lyrics to be provided by Cheryl Crowe.

Open Borders with large benefits would be made available to the “undocumented guests,” which exceed any benefits available to citizens of Blue America.

There will be no voter ID laws and people who have proven their devotion to woke causes can vote as many times as they want on Dominion Voting machines.

Delusional thinking and “feelings” will be embraced, whereas, logic and reason will be severely punished when challenging any aspect of woke ideology.

Abortion would be allowed up to a year after a baby is born (infanticide) because the baby, who would be dependent on the mother for survival, may be considered a drain on the mother’s lifestyle because being a mother is very time and energy-consuming.

All literature will be approved by a board of sensitivity readers.

All movies, music and other forms of entertainment will be based upon an equality of outcomes, so that people lacking any talent at all will be given the opportunity to act, sing and dance, and everyone must be supportive or risk being canceled.

The Pledge of Allegiance would be changed to be worded as follows:

“I pledge allegiance to any flag that is unAmerican. One delusional nation, where anyone can be anything that they choose to be regardless of the facts. Blaming white supremacy and claiming victimization for all.”  The traditional hand over the heart will be replaced with the raised middle fingers of those making the pledge.

Guns will be prohibited, and even the military of Blue America will not be allowed to carry guns.  The goal of the military will not be national defense, but to illustrate a diverse group of peacekeepers who will keep the peace by counseling potential invaders.


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