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The only thing declining faster than the stock market is Joe Biden’s poll numbers and mental acumen. A recent poll by CNBC (not exactly known for being critical of Democrats) showed that a mere 30% of Americans support the Biden Administration’s handling of the economy. According to the poll, 6% of Republicans, 58% of Democrats, and 25% of independents approved of the president’s economic policies. Translation: approximately one-third of Americans, one-fourth of independents, and over half of Democrats surveyed are delusional, which fits in with a culture that subscribes to the notion that you are what you believe you are, despite factual/physical evidence to the contrary.

Inflation, food shortages, the return to energy dependence, the border crisis, the war on parents, the Afghanistan disaster, embarrassing speech gaffes, the attempted imposing of a very biased disinformation board to basically regulate anything they didn’t like, incompetence to the point of the loss of credibility with nations around the world and so many other issues that have made parts of America resemble third world asylums. In spite of all of these negatives, the fact that this poll showed more than half the Democrats surveyed support Biden’s policies illustrates a serious separation from logic, facts, and reality.

The old adage about a broken clock being correct twice a day means that broken clocks have a better record than the Biden Administration who has openly admitted making key appointments based on race and gender instead of merit and proven success and the end result are policies that hurt most Americans. The only thing that the Biden Administration is good at is blaming others for their own incompetence. How many more times will Biden and members of his administration blame others for their failures? For now, Vladimir Putin has replaced systemic racism as the generic excuse for all the ills of American society.

In a congressional hearing, Senator Josh Hawley confronted Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm about the administration’s failure to do anything about rising gas prices and her reply was to blame it on Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine. Hawley immediately jumped on this response to point out that the average gas price in his state was $2.07 and it increased 30% long before Putin’s invasion of Ukraine.

He went on to cite the policies of the Biden administration (which included re-entering the Paris Climate Accord, canceling the Keystone Pipeline, suspending oil and gas activity in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, and issuing a 60-day suspension, early into office, on new oil and gas leasing and drilling permits for U.S. lands and waters) as the things that Biden has done to create this debacle.

The average American only has to look at his or her dwindling bank account, diminished retirement account, grocery bills or experience the harsh reality of filling up a tank of gas to recognize that delusions can’t change factual realities. Yet, it is the same kind of illogical rantings of those who support the president’s policies that would have them affirm their beliefs that men can get pregnant because they believe it to be true, in spite of the fact that no person, born a biological male, has ever gotten pregnant.

Magical thinking is fine for small children who, as part of the developmental process, engage in activities involving invisible playmates and fantasies, however, when adults engage in this kind of behavior it signals mental illness, despite woke psychologists proclaiming it as merely “lifestyles.”

The combination of identity politics, and embracing delusions in lieu of the harsh realities of economic facts confirm the idea that liberalism is a mental disorder. This is illustrated by the continuous liberal illogical habit of vilifying selected groups (notably straight white males) through blanket generalizations that indict an entire group, however, if this were done to groups that they consider to be “marginalized” (blacks, gays, trans, women etc.) they would scream racism, homophobia, transphobia, sexism, etc.

Dan Bongino, Ben Shapiro, Matt Walsh, Michael Knowles, etc. have proven that the best way to silence left-wing, lunatic, liberals is with factual evidence. Even Bill Maher, on one program, used statistics to refute a leftist’s claim that the top 1% don’t pay their “fair share” of taxes. On their programs, each of these talented orators have silenced or caused opponents whom they were debating to change topics, label them or end discussions with irrefutable facts.

In a glaring illustration of numerous illogical rationalizations, Senator Josh Hawley engaged in the questioning of Khiara Bridges, a law professor at UC Berkeley School of Law at a Senate hearing about the legal consequences of the Roe v. Wade reversal. During Senator Hawley’s questioning, he asked Bridges to clarify her use of the phrase “people with a capacity for pregnancy” and asked the simple question, “Would that be women?”

Bridges responded by stating that the Senator’s line of questioning was transphobic!  She went on to state the suicide rates for trans people and she asked him if men could get pregnant. When he replied with a resounding, “No,” she said, “So you’re denying that trans people exist.”  The simple asking for clarification of terminology caused the smirking Bridges to jump to numerous illogical conclusions and, of course, the labeling of Senator Hawley as transphobic.

This is the kind of “logic” of someone teaching law (a discipline based on logic and reason) that is displayed at a university, which explains a lot about why the ability of so many college students to think critically has deteriorated with the passage of time and why parents should seriously rethink the colleges that their children will attend.

Liberal “logic” is the embracing of fallacies, denial of facts, and promotion of censorship when they are challenged by proven facts and statistics. It is the embodiment of rationalizations that support feelings instead of real-world situations. This is why many people are in denial about the incompetence of an administration that is leading the United States towards a recession, if not a depression.

A rational person needs only to look in their wallet and ask themselves the following question, “Am I doing as well now as I did a year, two years or five years ago?” Partisans may come up with as many creative excuses as they can, but in the end just because you “identify” as a millionaire, doesn’t mean you can write checks when you have no money in the bank, and you can call a pig a horse, but that doesn’t mean it will be eligible to run in the Kentucky Derby.


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