May the CRINGE be with you: Luke Skywalker drops by the White House, meets with ‘Joebi Wan Kenobi’

Just because there’s nothing serious going on in the world, White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre welcomed a very special guest to Friday’s daily press briefing.

The now geriatric “Star Wars” actor Mark Hamill, who famously played rebel leader Luke Skywalker in the classic trilogy and the final installments that were overhauled for the new “woke” era, dropped by 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. NW where he met with President Joe Biden as Hollywood mobilizes for a big push leading up to the election.

A giggly Jean-Pierre was delighted to share the podium with the 72-year-old leftist whose star never again shined as brightly as when the iconic movie first blasted into megaplexes nearly half a century ago. And what would an appearance from “Master Luke” be without some really cheesy “Star Wars” jokes?

And nothing could possibly be more cringe-worthy than referring to Biden as Joebi-Wan Kenobi.

Hamill was, of course, referring to Jedi master Obi-Wan Kenobi who was played by the legendary British actor Sir Alec Guinness, a ridiculous comparison considering Biden’s borderline senility and ongoing struggles with such basic tasks as finding his way on and off of stages without getting lost in a fog.

Hamill’s yukking it up with the elfin black lesbian about his schmoozing with Joebi-Wan Kenobi had him sliced and diced by X users, who wielded their ridicule of the has-been actor like light sabers.

And in other washed-up left-wing Hollywood celebrity news, the raging crank Robert De Niro is once again whining about Trump whom he likened to – wait for it – Hitler.

“Historically, from what I see, even in Nazi Germany, they had it with Hitler. They don’t take him seriously. ‘He looks like a clown. Acts like a clown.’ Mussolini. Same thing. These guys, I don’t know why they look like clowns,” the 80-year-old actor said.

“Look what happened with France, and with the Nazis and so on…. As a kid, I said ‘Hitler, it’s a nightmare that never would happen.’ But now I see that it’s possible,” De Niro added.

Sadly for Hamill, his once-promising career never quite soared like “Star Wars” co-star Harrison Ford and his working life has been spent in relative obscurity with perhaps his most recognizable role being as the voice of arch-villain The Joker in the Batman cartoon series.

Chris Donaldson


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