Mayo Clinic details how puberty blockers can be bad for kids, perhaps lead to cancer

A new study put out by the Mayo Clinic is telling everyone pretty much what they already knew… puberty blockers are bad for kids and can potentially cause huge health issues, including infertility and cancer.

“Mayo Clinic experts say puberty blockers can lead to withering testicles, fertility problems and even cancer among the trans kids who take them, in the latest study to raise alarm about transgender medicine,” the Daily Mail reported.

“The findings cast doubt on the ‘reversibility’ of puberty blockers — a key claim of the trans activists who promote the drugs, saying they only ‘pause’ puberty and buy time for trans kids to make decisions about their gender,” the media outlet added.

The study finds that the claim that puberty blockers can be reversed is not true. They reportedly harm the development of testicles and sperm production in ways that are not reversible and could result in infertility as an adult.

“At the tissue level, we report mild-to-severe sex gland atrophy in puberty blocker-treated children,” geneticist Nagarajan Kannan and others claimed in the 33-page report.

“We provide unprecedented histological evidence revealing detrimental pediatric testicular sex gland responses” to the drugs, the study noted.

The research has not been peer-reviewed yet. Genspect, a global advocacy group against medical transitions, author J.K. Rowling, science writer Benjamin Ryan, and others have endorsed the study.

The research confronts one of the biggest issues that have to do with children getting reassignment surgery to another gender or who are experiencing gender confusion or “dysphoria.”

“Puberty blockers were originally developed to suppress the hormones of minors who started puberty too early. They are nowadays prescribed off-label to a fast-growing number of trans children,” the Daily Mail noted.

“Advocates of gender-affirming care, as it is known, say it’s life-saving for a suicide-prone group, and that puberty blockers help pre-teens ‘pause’ their puberty and buy time to weigh life-altering decisions,” the outlet continued.

Many are very worried about the exploding numbers of young people who are suddenly identifying as trans. They claim that the use of cross-sex hormones, puberty blockers, and surgeries is often unnecessary and potentially dangerous, contending that counseling would be a better and safer solution.

Almost two dozen states have outlawed puberty blockers and other trans care for minors.

“Norway, Finland, Sweden, Holland, and the UK are among a growing list of European countries to have restricted or wholesale stopped trans interventions on children,” the Dail Mail noted.

“For their study, Mayo researchers looked at one of the largest collections of testicular samples for patients aged 0-17 years, including those with gender dysphoria who both did and did not take puberty blockers,” the outlet explained.

“They focussed on 87 children, including 16 boys aged 10-16 who identified as girls. Nine of them were already taking puberty blockers — one for just three months, another for more than four years. Among the nine who were taking blockers, two had abnormal features on their testicles that could be spotted from a physical examination,” the Daily Mail reported.

Those conducting the study focused on a 12-year-old boy who took puberty blockers for 14 months. Almost 60 percent of his sex glands “fully atrophied.” Also present was an “appearance of microlithiasis,” or small clusters of calcium that can indicate testicular cancer.

Sperm production in a  14-year-old boy who had been on puberty blockers for four years was found to be greatly reduced as well.

The clinic says more research is necessary but the findings are concerning.

“The evidence of sex ‘gland atrophy and abnormalities from the histology data raise a potential concern regarding the complete ‘reversibility’ and reproductive fitness’ of sperm cells in boys who take puberty blockers,” the study stated.

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