Here’s what happened to a German ambassador when he visited ‘peaceful’ Palestinians in West Bank

The German Ambassador to the Palestinian Authority, Oliver Owcza, faced harassment and violence while visiting the West Bank on Tuesday.

Owcza faced the harassment and violence from students of Birzeit University, which lies close to where the meeting was scheduled.

“The incident unfolded as Owcza arrived at the Palestine Museum, situated within the university campus,” according to i24 News.

“Videos circulating online captured the chaotic scene, showing students shouting and jeering at the diplomat, demanding his departure. As the situation escalated, the ambassador’s car was targeted, with students throwing objects and damaging the vehicle,” i24 reported.

Before Owcza even arrived, Palestinian students reportedly used Facebook to call for a protest against his presence because of Germany’s support for Israel in the Israel-Hamas conflict.

Other diplomats who were present were also harassed.

“One diplomat present told Reuters they were in a meeting when a crowd appeared outside telling them to leave and, after attempts at dialog were unsuccessful, the diplomats left,” i24 News notes.

Amr Kayed, a Birzeit University student, proudly said that they forced all the diplomats to leave to send the message that “anyone complicit in genocide and the offensive on Gaza” isn’t welcome.

Owcza for his part later downplayed the incident on social media.


Interestingly, despite his downplaying the Palestinians’ bad behavior and making excuses for them, pro-Palestinian social media users still attacked him anyway for being “complicit in genocide.”


Nice people, huh?

All this comes amid reports that the Biden administration is mulling importing Palestinian refugees into the U.S. Many critics oppose this move precisely because of the Palestinians’ extremism.

Case in point: A poll conducted by Arab World for Research in the wake of the Oct. 7th terror attack on Israel found that a large majority of Palestinians viewed America negatively, viewed Hamas positively, and supported the terror attack.

Vivek Saxena


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