WH accused of ‘rewriting history’ with whopping number of times its ‘corrected’ Biden’s speaking flubs

According to an analysis of official transcripts, White House staff has had to correct President Biden’s public speaking blunders a staggering 148 times since the beginning of 2024.

“In several cases, official statements had to be changed to convey the exact opposite of what Biden actually said,” according to the Daily Caller.

“Through 118 statements, speeches and chats with reporters spanning from Jan. 1 to April 24, the White House has officially updated its transcript with corrections to what the president said out loud at least 148 times,” the outlet reports.

Changes to the transcripts include corrections to misspoken names, dates, and organizations’ titles, but others “change verbs and modify the meaning of the president’s statement entirely.”

The Daily Caller provides several disturbing examples:

“It was then, through no — through my American Rescue Plan — which every American [Republican] voted against, I might add — we made the largest investment in public safety ever,” the White House transcript of Biden’s March State of the Union address read.

“I’ve always believed we’ve [they’ve] got it all wrong. America is rising. And we have the best economy in the world, which we do,” the White House transcript of Biden’s April 17 remarks on his new initiatives to protect U.S. steel in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, read.

“We must be honest: The threat to democracy must be defended [defeated],” another State of the Union excerpt reads.

One of Biden’s latest public gaffes took two edits to the official transcript.

As BizPac Review reported, Biden lost another battle with a teleprompter while speaking at the North America’s Building Trades Unions conference in Washington, D.C.

“Four More Years,” he told the crowd. “Pause.”

It was clearly an instruction meant for the president to allow for the audience’s applause.

Rather than include Biden reading the word “pause,” the transcript was changed to “inaudible.”

“An updated version of the transcript now includes the president’s ‘pause’ as well as the ‘(inaudible),'” the Daily Caller reports.

Not all the corrections were so innocuous.

In one instance, the president was off by roughly 500 million on the number of Americans who have received the COVID-19 vaccine after he transposed the digits, according to the Daily Caller:

“We vaccinated the vast bulk of America. We got through that pandemic with less than 200 million — with less than 2 million people being vaccinated when I came to office. Today, 720 [270] million Americans have gotten COVID vaccine,” the White House transcript reads from a Jan. 30 campaign reception. (America’s total population is about 333 million, according to the United States Census Bureau.)

The White House has also added forgotten words to the official transcript for the sake of clarity.

When speaking at a Feb. 22 campaign reception, Biden boasted, “I kept my promise to appoint the first Black Supreme Court justice.”

The word “woman” was later inserted in brackets after the word “Black.”

“Another White House transcript from Jan. 5 modifies Biden’s omittance of the ‘T’ from ‘LGBTQ,'” the Daily Caller notes.

“The Biden White House corrected the president’s State of the Union transcript 13 times,” the outlet states. “The Trump White House didn’t modify the former president’s State of the Union address transcript at all.”

“In total, Biden flubbed the names or titles of individuals, places and groups 20 times spanning from Jan. 1 to April 24, according to a Daily Caller analysis,” it reveals. “The president misrepresented the numbers of his accomplishments and often confused the difference between thousands, millions, billions and trillions, 12 times.”

According to reporter Paul Sperry, the long list of corrections confirms that Biden ” has failed the No. 1 job requirement for the nation’s chief executive and head of state: effective communication.”

According to one user on X, the White House is “rewriting history” by changing the transcripts.

Melissa Fine


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