Media reamed of GLARING bias in wake of Kansas parade shooting

The double standard and the liberal media’s hypocrisy take center stage in the latest narrative on last week’s Kansas City parade shooting.

While suspects are reportedly in custody after the shooting in Kansas City, Missouri as the Chiefs celebrated a Super Bowl victory, the names of the “juveniles” have not been released following the tragic incident that claimed the life of one young mother and injured nearly two dozen others – many of them children.

According to reports, the names of the suspects are not being reported because they are under 18 and the media evidently has suddenly developed a conscience.

“A news release from the Jackson County Family Court said the juveniles are being detained in the county’s Juvenile Detention Center on gun-related and resisting arrest charges. Additional charges are expected as the investigation continues,” the Associated Press reported.

“No further information was released. Defendants age 17 and under in Missouri are typically adjudicated through the juvenile system, which is far more private than the system for adults,” the outlet continued.

“Names of the accused are not released, nor are police documents such as probable cause statements,” the AP noted.

But the contradictory standard was not lost on many who took to social media to call out the bias of a media that was quick to name and shame then-under-18 Nicholas Sandmann, Kyle Rittenhouse and, most recently, Kansas City Chiefs fan Holden Armenta.

The glaring yet unspoken bias was called out recently by Ann Coulter who spoke about how different things would be if the alleged shooters were white.

The anger of social media users on X was palpable:

Frieda Powers


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