Megyn Kelly swings at Fox News for leaving Tucker solo on Jan. 6 exclusive footage: ‘Either you stand by it or you don’t’

Journalist and podcaster Megyn Kelly asked why Fox News was not running with and promoting coverage of Tucker Carlson’s explosive Jan. 6 footage, calling the network out for ostensibly letting him swing in the wind while asserting that “Either you stand by it or you don’t.”

(Audio Credit: The Megyn Kelly Show)

Kelly made her comments concerning Fox News and the explosive scoop on Wednesday during her SiriusXM show. She discussed the release of the footage and Fox News’ silence over it with “Breaking Points” host Emily Jashinsky.

She began the discussion by pointing out that Mediaite got it “half wrong” in reporting that Fox News was ignoring the exposé. Kelly pointed out that the media outlet claimed hosts Sean Hannity and Laura Ingraham had ignored the story which she says is not true, referring to Ingraham having a guest on her show to follow up on the story. Kelly did note that Fox News “dayside” has pretty much not covered it.

“But I think it’s true that most of the Fox dayside is not covering it. Bret Baier did one report, using their Capitol Hill producer Chad Pergram, which included some of the criticism, but it’s not like — I mean, trust me, I worked at Fox for many years, so if somebody gets a big, big scoop, you know, you ride it, you ride the wave, you, you blanket the channel with it,” Kelly remarked.

“You have it exclusively. It’s yours. Nobody else has it. The fact that it’s not ubiquitous across the channel definitely says something,” she contended.

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Jashinsky commented that Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer “challenged Rupert Murdoch to not let Tucker air this stuff anymore.”

She went on to posit that Fox News’ lack of coverage of Carlson’s exclusive exposé on the January 6th footage may be due to the Dominion Voting Systems defamation lawsuit.

Dominion and Fox News are embroiled in a lawsuit where the voting machine company claims that the network acted “recklessly” concerning coverage of the 2020 election. Fox News is arguing that its coverage is protected under the First Amendment and is free speech.

(Video Credit: Fox News)

“I agree with you, Megyn,” Jashinsky said. “It’s interesting that Fox isn’t picking it up, but it might be because on the news side, they are getting a lot of pressure, and some of the leaks that have come out of the Dominion lawsuit show that they’re very sensitive and they’re probably spooked by the lawsuit in and of itself.”

“But that’s no excuse not to ride your own reporting,” Kelly insisted.

“Either you stand by it or you don’t. Either it belongs on the channel or it doesn’t, you know, either — If Tucker airs it, it’s fair game for the channel. You can’t just have — like run and hide once he breaks this big story, it’s like, ‘Oh, it’s not happening.’ That makes no sense to me,” she heatedly concluded.

Kelly also had more to say on the January 6 committee itself.

(Video Credit: Megyn Kelly)

“Overall, we’re better off having seen this footage than not having seen it,” she declared. “That January 6 committee was so disgusting in its partisanship. There was no defense. It was a clown show. It was a circus trial… Adam Kinzinger is about as much of a Republican at this point or certainly a Trump defender as Jennifer Rubin or Nicole Wallace – it’s a joke. Liz Cheney is a Republican, but nowhere near a Trump defender.”

“These same people who are playing holier than thou right now, are the same people who literally use the term ‘mostly peaceful’ in describing the BLM protests… Who won’t acknowledge the fact that 2,000 cops got injured in the BLM protests… not to mention the number dead, which was way higher than five,” Kelly elaborated.

None of these people gave a sh*t,” she railed. “They did not care, so just spare me!”

“It’s irritating to listen to people like Chuck Schumer trying to pretend he cares when he couldn’t care less about the violence that was going on and the cops that got hurt… Could you just take a seat? And by the way, Chuck Schumer, here’s the other thing. [Schumer states] ‘I don’t think I’ve ever seen a primetime cable news anchor manipulate his viewers the way Mr. [Tucker] Carlson did.’ Do you watch Rachel Maddow? Did you take in one minute of her Russiagate coverage? Or her Trump’s tax return nonsense? Give me a break!” Kelly raged.


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