Megyn Kelly calls out Nikki Haley for refusing to say a man cannot become a woman

Megyn Kelly slammed Nikki Haley over the Republican presidential candidate’s non-answer to a question on whether a man can become a woman, an unshakable tenet of modern leftist dogma.

With many already calling Haley’s conservative credentials into question as the primary season officially kicks off, the former South Carolina governor and U.S. ambassador to the United Nations didn’t help herself during a tele-town hall on Sunday.

When put on the spot by a caller who identified himself as John, Haley danced around without giving a straight answer, drawing a strong response from the conservative commentator and podcaster.

“This is utter bullsh*t. The WRONG ANSWER & an unnecessary weird pander to the rabid trans lobby,” Kelly wrote on X, formerly Twitter. “The answer is NO, A MAN CANNOT BECOME A WOMAN.”

Due to the brutal winter conditions in the Hawkeye State that limited travel at times over the weekend, Haley had to call off a scheduled campaign event in Dubuque and instead fielded calls, one of them from the caller with the transgender question.

Pointing out that GOP frontrunner Donald J. Trump had previously danced around the issue – notably in an interview with Kelly last year – John popped the question.

“A lot of the stuff that Trump does, you know, and says, really bothers me, and I’m concerned about it. You know, one thing I saw him do was, he said that, uh, he had trouble answering the question, could a man become a woman? And I’m just wondering what, what your response to that question is?” John asked.

“I mean, I have said, I want to start with Trump and then get to the question. You know, this is a hard truth on my part. I believe Trump was the right president at the right time. I agree with a lot of his policies. But rightly or wrongly, chaos follows him. And everybody on this call knows that. And we can’t be a country in disarray and a world on fire and go through four more years of chaos. We won’t survive it. And I think a lot of that is how he communicates and what happens. It just sets us all in disarray, and we can’t afford a President Kamala Harris,” Haley said, prefacing her non-answer with her standard spiel about Trump.

“Now, can a man become a woman. There’s been a lot that’s been talked about when it comes to all of these roles and all of these issues. I strongly believe that we should not allow any gender change surgeries to anyone before the age of 18. Period. We– kids now can’t get a tattoo until they’re 18. We shouldn’t have them permanently change their body until they’re 18. And that includes puberty blockers, that includes any sort of hormones that would do that,” the former governor continued.

“After the age of 18, we want to make sure people can live any way they want to live. I don’t think government needs to be in control of anybody’s life. You go live the way you want to live, you should be free to live the way you want to live, and every– government and everybody else should stay out of your way,” she said.

“But prior to 18, it is an important time, especially when you’re going through your teenage years that can be confusing. I don’t think we should ever in any way have any sort of permanent changes. But after 18, I’m not going to say anything. I think that, you know, you always have to believe in freedom and allowing people to live life the way they want to live, and if that’s how they choose then, you know, I don’t think government should have any say in that,” Haley concluded, successfully avoiding ever answering John’s question.

“Governor Nikki Haley is asked the most basic question,” Kelly said in a clip posted to X. “Is the sky blue? Is the grass green? Does the alphabet start with A and failed the test.”

“I’m sorry, she screwed it up. Can a man become a woman? Completely dodged and wouldn’t give a straight answer,” she added. “What is it with these politicians? It’s a pander. Nikki Haley knows very well what the answer to that is, it’s a pander. To the radical activist rabid trans representatives, the lobby.”

“And she failed. That was a fail. She can reverse it, very open-minded to have her reverse it, until then, pffft,” Kelly said, giving Haley a thumbs down. “Until then, thumbs down. You failed, you gave the wrong answer.”

Haley may have bigger problems than the science stuff, at least in the opinion of the man to beat.

“Nikki Haley can never win in the General Election because she doesn’t have MAGA, and never will! Ron DeSanctimonious, at least, is MAGA-Lite. Remember, I think MAGA is almost ALL of the Republican Party. The days of the RINOS and non-AMERICA FIRST candidates are OVER! Nikki is a Globalist RINO, backed by American’s for Chinese Growth, the Charles Koch con job. It’s not going to happen for her, or DeSanctimonious! Vivek Votes are wasted, should come to “TRUMP.” MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!!!” Trump wrote on Truth Social as Iowa voters prepared to make their choices.

Chris Donaldson


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