‘The View’ co-host Sunny Hostin marks MLK Day with stunningly racist take

The ladies at “The View” marked Martin Luther King Jr. Day with Sunny Hostin serving up a special holiday cocktail of the usual idiocy and toxic anti-white racism that she specializes in and she uncorked a spectacularly asinine take for the occasion.

During the day set aside by the federal government to remember the work of the slain civil rights leader, the race-obsessed co-host used Monday’s edition of the popular ABC daytime gabfest to dishonor Dr. King’s vision of a colorblind society in favor of one of bitterness and racial recriminations favored by current day race hustlers, most notably President Joe Biden and his ex-boss, Barack Obama.

The show opened with a song by Lenny Kravitz from the movie “Rustin” about the life of civil rights activist Bayard Rustin, a film produced by Mr. and Mrs. Obama’s production company Higher Ground which co-host Whoopi Goldberg plugged with star Colman Domingo in house as a special MLK Day guest.

Goldberg bemoaned the lack of name recognition of the title character, “who many American schoolkids still aren’t learning about,” she said. “Only about 12 states have a black history mandate while 18 have passed laws severely limiting this curriculum,” suggesting that there is racism afoot, as is often the case with her.

“Now it’s a vital part of American history so what’s everybody so nervous about?” Whoopi asked.

“Why are you nervous? The days have passed, we’re here now. Why is everybody freaking out about what was? Why can’t, why don’t we talk about what was? We talk about that was with everything else? So what is … what do you think the end game is?” Goldberg asked, perfectly setting up the show’s house racist.

“I think this is…I think people in America have been playing a long game. And I — I often say it’s conservatives, but it’s a lot of Americans. And I think what they do is they not only erase the bad stuff that may make people feel bad, like slavery, which is responsible for the very foundation of this country,” Hostin responded.

“What concerns me even more is that they erase the contributions of people that don’t look like them,” she added to applause. “So they erased the contributions of someone like Bayard Rustin. They erased the contributions of indigenous people.”

“They have erased from history and teaching our children that the freezer was developed by a black man, that the first open heart surgery was performed by a black man. That the GPS technology that we all use today was developed by a black woman,” she continued, listing off supposed groundbreaking accomplishments by black people that have been erased by the evil white man.

“And the reason that they are erasing those contributions is because then you can otherize someone as less than you are, because you haven’t contributed to this society in the way that my culture has, and I think that is so sad because what is supposed to be the very foundation of this country is that we are all equal,” Hostin said to applause. “But what happens is when you have privilege for so long, equality feels a lot like oppression.”

It was a jaw-droppingly racist speech by Hostin and an affront to the achievements of King whose legacy continues to be cheapened by left-wing racial arsonists, all the worse on the day that has been named in his honor.

Chris Donaldson


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